Photo Cakes- The Cheaper Way to Make Regular Cakes Fun!

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    Nov 04, 2013
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Photo Cakes- The Cheaper Way to Make Regular Cakes Fun! Photo by Dales Eden

Each one of us has occasions in our lives that we wish to glorify with the way we celebrate. We all have near and dear ones whom we wish to surprise and make some unforgettable memories with the parties we throw for them or with the arrangements we make. Most of these occasions are sure to feature a cake amidst the other elements. It is a known fact that we spend a considerable amount of time scrutinizing each of these elements to ensure the guests and the person celebrating it is wowed with the uniqueness of the theme and has never seen something like it before including the cake. And of course we all hope secretly or otherwise that all this comes at a bargain. Even if there is large spender in us, who isn’t happy to know that these things have cost much less than what we had originally anticipated?

Let us elaborate on the cake part. A cake is generally the center of celebrations after the person in question. People may miss to see the smaller or for that matter even larger details but the cake is not something one misses.

Photo cakes are easily the cheapest options to some boring regular cakes fun and memorable. Get some regular cake and have cool pictures printed over them. This is sure to bring a smile on everyone’s face. These cakes can be regular looking cakes in a circle or a square or rectangle with images printed on them .These are generally printed with edible ingredients on corn paper or sugar sheets and are completely safe to the health.

Photo cakes can be glorified a bit more but shaping the cake as per the picture and also matching the colors surrounding the cake. For instance, a cake with an angry bird can be a regular rectangular (in our case: chocolate) with an image of angry bird on it. Only the top layer will be a picture of angry birds while the remaining cake will be a regular rectangular chocolate cake. The other type of photo cake is cake shaped as an angry bird with edible colors and an image of the bird on top to give it the real feel. This may be a slightly pricey affair but nothing as compared to having it actually created with a fondant cake and creating the actual details by hand.

Many cake shops in Mumbai offer photo cakes as an option and it is easily available since you do not require complicated machineries to make these and with the advent of the internet and the ever expanding online market, one can easily purchase cakes online.

So go ahead, liven up a dull party and make memories out of the smallest occasions without denting your pockets!

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