2012 Presidential Election: A Time For America To Make A Choice

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    Sep 03, 2012
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On the first Tuesday every four years, the American people go to the voting booth to vote for a president. There have been some very close elections in the past few Presidential elections. It could be the same in 2012 but what we have in this election is a lot people who feel very strongly about their choice. It has become very intense to the point of racial lines. It is a shame it has come to this and well from where I sit, I put this on our leaders. They want this racial divide. They want us all fighting amongest each other.

America we need to get our country back. People need jobs and we must not allow our leaders to try to take away any of our civil liberties in which our Founding Fathers fought so hard for us all to have. Our leaders need to understand that this is our government. They are suppose to work for us and not for their own needs. Our leaders in today's society have totally forgot that thought process. The American people need to let all our leaders know that they are in office for a purpose, and that purpose is to represent the people who voted them in.

In 2012 we have a lot on the line. We have jobs and the American people want and need jobs. Another thing of great concern to the people is the deficit in which we have and which generations may have in debt to pay back. In this past four years our countries deficit has risen by $6 trillion. We have a current president in office who promised to cut the deficit back in his 2008 campaign in half by his third year in office or it would be a one term presidency. He also promised a new Washington, DC. where he was going to allow total transparency.

Things have not lived up to the hype. Our president tells us well he inherited this problem. He just keeps pointing the finger at others. Our parents and teachers always told us to take responsibity and Mr. President you need to do the same. The excuses are over. The American people want the job done. You promised a lot in 2008 and Mr. President, did you come through. We have had an unemployment rate over 8 percent for almost four years. There is no drive from our society and why should there be when we have Socialism reforms being put into place, big government, and continued spending. Why should any American have the desire to get a job when we have a government extending unemployment and also not giving people any hope of finding a job.

In 2012 the American people need to decided. Do they re-elect the Democrat, Barrack Obama for another four years or do they go with the Republican Mitt Romey. This is a huge election for the American people. It could effect generations to come. What each one of us needs to do is to look in the mirror and also think, Are you and I better today than we were in 2008. This is a familiar statement but it can be totally used in our process of electing our president for the next four years. We each have a choice, this is what we preach to the rest of the world. Free and open elections to decide your leaders. It is what makes America what it is. We do have some big decisions to make and those decisions will be made the first Tuesday in November. The bottom line get out and vote for the man you feel will be your leader for the next four years. God Bless all you and God Bless The United States of America.

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November ever for year the United States of America votes for who they want as the President and leader of the free world. This is a process in which our Founding Fathers faught for our freedom over 230 years ago. The 2012 election has a lot riding on it this time. We have a current President in Barrack Obama who wants another four years. He made a lot of promises to the American people in 2008 and well did he come through with those promises. Are you better today than you were in 2008?

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