Role Of Flowers In Weddings

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    Nov 13, 2013
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Role Of Flowers In Weddings Photo by Rajat Kumar

Flowers play an important role in all weddings around the world. Flowers are pious, and no wedding is possible without them. Be it a Christian wedding where the bride needs to carry a bride’s bouquet or a Hindu wedding where the exchange of flower garlands is a must or a Muslim wedding where a flowered veil covers the bridegroom's face, no wedding ceremony is complete without flowers.

Though flowers are imperative for all wedding ceremonies, different flowers have different meaning across different faiths. For example, marigold, the most popular in Hindu ceremonies, is inauspicious for Christian marriages. One needs to choose flowers which are apt for the occasion.

There is a minimum need for flowers in any wedding. However, there is no higher limit, and it depends on the will and budget of the hosts. Below, we take a glimpse of the role flowers play in weddings.

Flowers for Rituals of the Wedding:

Bridal bouquet, Maid of Honor’s bouquet, flower garlands or “Jaimala”, veil of flowers for the bridegroom are mandatory  for different wedding rituals around the globe. These are just a few examples. There are many other rituals which are incomplete without flowers.

Flowers for Decoration and Flower Wedding Themes:

Weddings are a grand affair, and it is more of a display of one’s status than anything else. As a result, the hosts try their level best to make the decorations look majestic and exuberant. Flowers find a place for themselves in every nook and corner of the venue. Be it the entrance, the altar, the “Mandap” or the buffet table, there is a pompous display of flowers everywhere. A few couples also decide on a flower-themed wedding. A few common ones include Rose theme, Spring Flower theme and Countryside theme, all of which have a generous display of flowers.

Flowers as Accouterments of the  Bride and Bridegroom:

Flowers play a significant role in the trousseau of the bride and groom. From beautiful flowered hair accessories to flower ornaments for the bride and from the fascinating veil to the boutonniere for the groom, flowers add to the charm of the to-be-wed couple.

Flowers as Accessory for the Family Members:

Weddings are as important for the family members as they are for the bride and groom. To make the family members feel special, flower accessories like boutonnieres and wrist bands are kept aside for them beforehand.

Flowers for Photography Sessions:

Attractive floral decorations enhance the beauty of the photographs clicked for the wedding album. Therefore; special emphasis is laid on floral decorations at the venue. In many cases, the couple’s residence stays decorated  for days with flowers  for pre-wedding celebrations. The functions before the wedding are as important as the wedding  itself and to get the best pictures what is better than floral decorations.

Flowers as Gifts:

Flower bouquets are one of the most common gifts, presented to the newly weds. Guests shower their blessings and best wishes through this gesture.

Be it your own wedding or of some near and dear one, allocate a budget for flowers. They are the best way to add glam and grandeur to the occasion. It is advisable to make arrangements with your florists in advance.

With a little imagination on the go, and good preparation, one can make the next wedding in the family an affair to remember!


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