It isn't Easy Being Green

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    Jan 07, 2013
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The Green movement is one of the biggest movements in America in a long time. Everyone is worried about saving our planet and keeping it clean. Wastefulness is the main cause of pollution in our world today. A few ways to keep our Earth clean is to use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, recycle anything possible, and to not use energy when it isn't necessary. Keeping these simple tips in mind will help the earth be a cleaner, healthier place for everyone.

Throw Out the Plastic

Most stores these days hand out plastic shopping bags to make carrying your groceries and other small items to your car and home easier. Instead of carrying the larger items, they have bigger bags for those things. You don't only use one bag over and over again either. You use many bags to carry all the items in your cart and then you throw them out and get new ones when you come back to the store. Reusable bags are very cheap to purchase and can save millions of plastic bags per week. Having the reusable bags will make it easier to bag your items as the top stays open better and they hold more items. You won't have to deal with plastic bags all over the house when you put away your groceries and you won't have to worry about your children getting their hands or, more importantly, their heads into a plastic bag.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

In today's world almost anything can be recycled. Everything is reused. From newspaper to plastic forks to glass jars, every type of material you can think of can be recycled or reused. Most places have a recycling program that includes sending a truck to your house weekly to pick up any recyclables you have collected during the week. You don't even have to separate them out anymore; they give you one large bin to toss everything that can be reused into. This includes plastic, glass, paper and soda cans. If a truck does not come to your house, you can find a recycling center near your home to take your recyclables to as often as you need.

Saving Energy Saves you Money

Energy is being wasted in every room of your house. Everywhere you look something is plugged into a socket while not being used. Leaving things plugged in even while they're not turned on can waste electricity. Conserving energy is fairly simple. Unplugging things that you aren't using and turning off lights and electronics when you aren't using them can help save energy. Saving energy in your home also saves you money on your electric bill. Saving the world and saving your money at the same time. What could be better?

There are many things we, as the caregivers of this world, can do to keep our globe clean. Recycling things that are recyclable and reusing things that aren't can help monumentally in keeping junk out of our landfills. This includes reusing plastic bags or, even better, getting a few reusable bags to take with you to the store. Turn off your lights! Saving energy saves you money as well as helps save the earth. Be aware of your surroundings and don't waste when you can help it.

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