How to Easily Build a Great Looking Timber Deck

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    Nov 07, 2013
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How to Easily Build a Great Looking Timber Deck Photo by Frank Walmsley

You and your family have just finished a nice Sunday meal and the kids gone inside the house for a short nap giving you and your wife a brief period of respite. You occupy your favourite chair in the shade of the Pergola connected to your timber deck and screened by green creepers with lovely blue trumpet like flowers. Your wife's head is resting on your chest as you both snooze in the cool afternoon breeze. The woodpecker named "Woody Woodpecker" by your kids was as usual, busy at work on the Emaho tree nearby. Your drowsy mind smiles at the collection of birds that have made your estate their home. That they have built their nests on trees close to your timber deck and decking canberra is cause to feel extra nice.

Enough dreaming, wake up! There's no point in just dreaming about it. You've wanted to have a great looking timber deck and pergola for past so many years and yet done nothing about it. Some wise man said; a great journey begins with the first step (or something near enough)! Well, why not start this weekend?

Most of those trees on which the birds have built their nests do not have to be cut. Your great looking timber deck can be built encompassing it. That way you can have your timber deck as well as the birds and greenery that you and your wife love so much. Simultaneously you will be giving your kids a great message - a message of oneness with nature; something that will grow in them and make them nature friendly.

A timber deck is amazing not just for your personal and social life; it is an amazing investment too. It definitely adds value to your property.

Start off this weekend by pouring over canberra decking - you will find them in magazines and architect books. There are even books and magazines specifically dealing with timber deck and Pergola designs. Pick only books and magazines meant for Australia because landscape and decking laws have a tendency to vary from region to region.

Next, go around your neighbourhood scouting for great looking pergola canberra. When you see a likely one, stop, talk to the folks who live there - there's a ton of practical information they can give you. With their permission, take a few photos. Remember, a great looking timber deck begins with a great design and a great design begins with an idea. Ideas in turn are usually based on something you've seen. The photos will prove a great help when you sit down to design your own great looking timber deck.

There's lots of do's and don'ts. For example, your deck should round out your existing home and it should not clash with the doors and windows etc. You will find all this in any of the books and magazines I referred to earlier.

Once you've finalized your canberra deck renovations, look at the list you made on likely timber deck contractors. Remember the talk you had with owners of great timber decks in your neighbourhood? Happy owners always love to mention the name of the decking contractor that did the great looking timber deck. You should be having several names on that list. Call each of them separately and have each come over and survey your site. Ask your questions and request an official quote. Choose the best and we’ll say cheers to your canberra pergolas dreams coming true.

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