What You Need to Know About Buying Good Furniture

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    Aug 13, 2014
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What You Need to Know About Buying Good Furniture Photo by Jack Jensen

Good furniture is an investment that can last a lifetime. It is no coincidence that there are still cupboards, chairs, and tables being sold that have lasted for hundreds of years. These are not kept in pristine condition in a museum. They continue to be used for what they were intended. It is an example of how long a good piece of furniture can last.

In this article, Lock Ness Furniture gives you their top tips for choosing good furniture, whether you buy new or buy second-hand.

Know the Woods : Wooden furniture is always different. Solid wood furniture is the most expensive and is designed to last for years. Veneer wood furniture uses only a few layers of solid wood, but the core comes from inexpensive wood bases. Little things like this will help you make a better long-term investment.

Nails and Glue : Signs of nails and glue can be evidence of a poor quality piece of furniture. The best furniture has been joined, which is a practice known as wood joinery. Wood and glue means either the craftsperson was not particularly skilled, or the furniture has been broken and not repaired in the proper way.

Think about your Lifestyle : Always think about the sort of lifestyle you lead when picking furniture. If you have to deal with young kids who are liable to draw on everything, it makes little sense to spend thousands on Harris Tweed furniture. Sometimes our wants take over from our actual needs. You do not want to waste money on furniture that is going to deteriorate quickly due to your lifestyle.

Neutral for the Big : Let us say you are looking to buy a Harris Tweed chair. No matter what you fall in love with, you should always go for neutral colours with the high-ticket items. Neutral colours will work with any colour scheme in any home. Bright and bold colours will not.

Even if your house is colourful and bright, the chances are you are going to redecorate at some point. It makes zero sense investing in your future if the look relies entirely on whether you are still partial to bright blue and gold in your home.

If you must opt for something bright and colourful, make sure you buy a budget alternative, so you don’t find yourself eventually selling your new buy for a fraction of the price further down the line.

The Fifth Leg : Whenever you buy a sofa, look underneath to see if it has a fifth leg. Many of the better sofas have a fifth leg bolted to the middle of it. This is designed to add extra support to the sofa and to prevent sagging. By providing a more solid base, it can increase the life expectancy of your sofa.

You can always tell it is a good quality sofa because many cheaper sofas will not have the extra leg.

These are just some of the tips you should remember when buying furniture. Just remember to always stick to your budget. Moreover, if a piece of furniture does not feel right, look for something else. Do not settle for second best.

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