What to Do If You Know Your Child is an Online Gaming Addict?

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    May 27, 2013
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What to Do If You Know Your Child is an Online Gaming Addict? Photo by James Taste

With the recent developments in technology, there are now different kinds of gadgets, devices and consoles where your kids can play. Before, children would play sports or other gaming activities outdoors. But with the advent of gaming consoles, they can now play any type of game that they want on their own. The use of Internet has also made it easier for them to interact with other avid gamers from all parts of the globe.

When there are just too many online games that they can access and play for free, the normal tendency is for them to get addicted. They spend several hours using their gadgets and playing different games online. The social interaction is also lessened. When your child's performance in school is already affected because of his/her online gaming addiction, you should now take the necessary actions.

Engage Your Child in Interactive Activities
Most kids who love to play online games get addicted for the simple reason that they just want to get away from their current surroundings. Those who do not have many friends may also be enticed to focus their attention to online games.

If this is the case then you need to widen the social spectrum of your kid. Allow your child to engage in other physical activities like sports where they get to interact with other kids their age and they can shun away from online games.

Control the Game Time
Many parents use the game time as incentive or reward to motivate their kids to do well in school. This is something that you can use to control the gaming habits of your kid. Do not provide your kid their own gadgets. To earn gaming time, your kid has to do well in school or he has to finish his/her assignments first. In that way, you can control the gaming activities of your kids.

Just make sure that you do not use gaming time as the only and primary reward. Remember that the goal is for you to lessen and to get rid of your child's gaming addiction. As such, you can use other incentives and rewards if he/her has accomplishments in school.

The Importance of Communication
As the parent, it is your responsibility to look after your child. But it does not necessarily mean that you have to scold him/her just to prove your point. In this aspect, it is crucial that you can easily communicate with your kid. Make him/her understand why too much gaming can also be a bad thing.

Controlling your kid's gaming habits is definitely not easy. But there are ways for you to help your kid overcome his/her gaming addiction. You should be patient and try to understand your kid's condition.

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