Elegant Indian Salwar Kameez and Its Different Types

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    Jan 26, 2014
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Elegant Indian Salwar Kameez and Its Different Types Photo by Rabia  Sheikh

India has always been recognized for its unusual and elegant traditional attires for women, which not only makes them graciously, but it also determines a woman’s elegance in a way that perhaps no attire could. Indian fashion has always ruled the fashion industry since the modern days. Indian traditional dresses are known for their beauty and charm.

Salwar Kameez is a dress that has three parts. The first part of Salwar Kameez is Kurti that is a long Kameez along with a loose pajama which is the second part and a dupatta the third part which is worn as a stole around the neck. All these three parts of the Salwar Kameez can be designed in so many different ways to give a unique look to every dress. The most essential kinds of Indian Salwar Kameez are as follows:

The short kurta
This is one of the recent styles of Salwar kameez developed in India which has a smart fitting dress. It is mostly worn by girls and suitable for slim women. These kurtis looks very modern and trendy and worn by practical women because these are the short kurtis and give a professional look. So it can be worn at office or any other formal place.

The indo western style
Indo western is another modern style of the Salwar Kameez dress developed by designers in India. As the name tells itself that it is inspired from western dressing and it combines with the Pure Indian style and made an indo-western style to make it more unique and stylish. The pajama of this dress is replaced by a legging or fitted pants and the kurti is gracefully and smartly tailored.

Churidar kurta
Churidar kurta is one more colorful and showy style of Salwar Kameez. It is extremely well-known among all age of woman, particularly the young girls, who like to dress in their outfits in a more stylish way. They can be printed, simple or can be in beautiful embroidery salwar kameez suit styles.

Anarkali style
Anarkali is possibly one of the most elegant and intricate styles of salwar kameez dress. At this time this style is extremely eminent as a wedding dress. Here the outfit is made in flowy frock style and it represents the modern Indian - particularly of the Mughal times. These Anarkali suits have lately made a great comeback in the world of fashion after many years, and are absolutely here to be in fad.

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