Collar Bite Obsession

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    Sep 23, 2012
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Is it too much when you suddenly want to change everything in your wardrobe to Chinese collared clothes?

Whatever the case, my strong urge to see my dream come true drives me. Since I bought my first Chinese collared leather jacket, I have been turning and craning my head to look at every person wearing a jacket, to assess its standard. It is important to note that only Chinese collared jackets got me staring. This marvelous thing that depicts some pristine and sharp character- a daring fashion character.

Every time I shouldered my jacket, I felt a surge of confidence, and all I required was some smoke and wind blower to make a statement. What's more is that now my mind has opened up to realities that these collars can be worn on any, if not all types of clothes. I even saw a knit sweater with one! How cool is that?

Recently, an attempt to upgrade my wardrobe with thin pockets has seen me buy pilot shirts with ordinary collars (which  have now started to loathe) and turn them into Chinese collars. Not exactly a super move but you have to do what you have to do. Where there is an obsession, there is always something to hold you back. A trip down online shopping saw my hopes of a new Chinese collared wardrobe dangling by a strand of silk after seeing the price tags on the clothes. Nevertheless, where there is a problem, there's always a solution! If you can't buy them, make them!

Or at least have them made for you. Just download numerous numbers of photos, which are free on the internet, go downtown and get the closest match to the fabric. After this, pay a visit to your local tailor or seamstress and go over the design that you want. Of course the ability to reverse engineer the design is completely up to the tailor/seamstress' ability. So, make sure you get a qualified one. If not, then work with what you have and what can be made. It's not a must to have everything gotten from the store already made.

Once in a while, turn a few heads with your own designs, as long as it is Chinese collared!!

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Living in a country where we mostly get our fashion trends from the television, I have been keeping an eye on china collars since forever!

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