How to purchase a car battery?

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    Aug 28, 2014
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How to purchase a car battery? Photo by Lets Compare

Batteries are the electrical forces that empower the mechanical motion of a vehicle. Their evolution over the decades has resulted in a lot of internal features that work on the car batteries; the a/c, music system and many more. Thus it is hugely imperative for you to bestow care for this critical yet significant component. While all new cars have integrated batteries, you may need to brush your knowledge while changing it. Here’s what you need to take care.

Warranty services

This is perhaps very important. Make sure the brand you pick offers a nationwide service facility. This actually works when the battery stopped functioning while you were travelling.  Purchasing an Amaron car battery, you get a dedicated nationwide service facility.

Battery size?

What battery size do you need? Depending upon the age, category and size of your vehicle, the types of battery will vary. The easiest way would be to refer the car manual that has all the details. Or just take your car details to the dealer. It’s the right time to enhance your knowledge.  Remember, any mismatch in the size of the battery and terminal space in the car can cause more havoc for you.  For example, a battery smaller in size won’t fit securely.

The climate

Extreme climatic conditions can put more burdens on the battery. Thus check for an appropriate electrolyte solution used in the brand you pick. Probe more about this from the consultant you have approached. Batteries are vulnerable for a burn out in extreme hot and humid conditions.

How old on the shelf?

Although a good dealer would never display outdated batteries, it’s still better to pick ones that have been manufactured in less than 4 months time. This ensures quality and freshness of the product. Also, you get longer life for the product since it has not wasted time on the store shelf for long.

Do you need Low Maintenance batteries?

These are the batteries that need occasional maintenance from you. They have caps on the top surface for pouring water whenever the batteries burn out in hot and humid regions. However, a good brand also offers maintenance free batteries. Depending upon your budget you may pick any. Prefer the former in case your car runs a lot across the highways in extreme hot conditions.

Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity indicates the battery’s potential to run on its own power in case of an emergency. Prefer high reserve capacities. Of course they come with higher costs. Amaron Car battery has good reserve rates.

Cranking Voltage

Before installing the new battery, give a final check to the electrical system in the car. The CA voltage should always be more than 9.8 V.

Being a responsible user, it is important that you dispose of the old battery safely. Just throwing it away is not recommended. The dead lead inside can cause havoc. Better handle it to the dealer. They are well equipped for it.

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