Natural Gas Savings for Residential and Commercial customers

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    Aug 28, 2014
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Natural Gas Savings for Residential and Commercial customers Photo by Michel Leerca

Pennsylvania is one of the biggest natural gas producers in the US; whether you agree or disagree with the extraction methods, two things are certain: for customers in PA, electric rates are being reduced as a result of this resource and it is a much cleaner alternative to coal—PA’s other big energy resource (over half of energy use in PA)—which emits almost three times as much greenhouse gas as natural gas.The state’s residents and businesses alike should take advantage of natural gas savings as electricity rates inPA continue to rise.

Why does natural gas create energy bill savings?

You may be under the impression that one kWh of energy is one kWh of energy, so natural gas and coal energy should cost the same. Here’s why that is incorrect:

Natural gas is easy to extract transport

Once a natural gas extraction company has connected with a source or natural gas, they only need to set up an extraction system that allows the natural gas to be drawn out and distributed via a network of underground and over-ground pipes that run throughout the state. It is a gas that is lighter than air, so it requires almost no effort to get it going once it is extracted. This also requires relatively little maintenance, additional effort or anything else that would result in additional costs.

Coal, on the other hand, requires that you physically dig holes, set up underground mines and deploy teams of miners to go into these dangerous areas and literally pull it from out of the ground. Once it is extracted, the coal company must pay for a distribution network to haul tens of millions of tons of coal to their destination. All of these expenses are handed down to you, the consumer, by the electricsuppliers in PA in no small way.

Natural gas is naturally more efficient

In addition to being easier to extract and transport from point A to point B, natural gas is also a much more efficient source of energy. It is what is known as a high-density energy that doesn’t have to work as hard and produces a lot less waste (electric suppliers in PA also hand the cost of waste removal down to you).

It is also more versatile than most other sources of electricity. Using natural gas is known as one of the most efficient ways to heat a home’s water supply and deliver gas to fuel a stove’s flames. Since it is so easy to transport, it is easy to transfer extracted natural gas from traditional gas heating and stove use to use for electricity generation.

How many electric suppliers in PA use natural gas as an energy resource?

Just about all of them. As the alternative energy use mandate in Pennsylvania expands, energy suppliers throughout the state are looking to supplement their dirty energy production (coal, oil, ect.) with the least expensive alternative energy resources available. Natural gas is one of the cheapestalternative energy resources, so by using it they are cutting costs that would have inevitably been handed down to you.

There are many electric suppliers in PA who have stepped well beyond the state’s bare minimum (18 percent alternative energy resource use by 2020-2021) and only use 100 percent green energy today. As with their bare minimum peers, natural gas is among the most popular forms of green energy used by these companies.

How does one take advantage of natural gas savings?

As we mentioned in the previous section, most electric suppliers in PA use natural gas as an energy resource. You can ensure that you are getting more natural gas power by choosing one of the electric companies that uses 100 percent green energy.

You can find companies like this by visiting Make the Switch USA’s website. They allow you to compare the services of all of the electric suppliers in PA—including how much green energy they use.

To learn more about how to save on your energy bill…

Visit In addition to giving customers the free service described above, they also provide you with tips on how to save one your energy bill, regardless of your who supplier is.

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