Discover Images Better With the Nokia N8 And Its 12 MP Camera

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    Dec 26, 2012
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Nokia drew a lot of flak from the world for not getting up and maintaining a decent position in the smart phone trend which took all over the mobile phone world in a fury. As a result the Finnish firm which was a worldwide leader at one point of time has now a lot of catching up to do to stand toe to toe with its rival brands.  

Though it might not be the best selling range at this point of time, Nokia has some really impressive handsets which truly stand tall in the quality and build characteristics though they are not the best selling units in the market. They have a very impressive range of smart phones which are affordable as well as decent performers.  These devices can be found evenly and widely distributed in all the segments of the markets.

For the higher segment one of the best phones from Nokia has to be the Nokia N8 which is not just an attractive looking phone but also an ace performer when put to the test.   The first glance will be dominated by the unique exterior of the phone which stands out very easily in the crowd due to its unique corners.

As soon as you get closer and get the phone alive you will notice the 3.5 inch AMOLED display providing you with some of the best graphics and display quality that will leave you spell bound. To keep the display intact Nokia has provided it with the scratch resistant glass coating as daily war and tear can be quite disastrous to the looks of the phone.   But the cake is taken by the primary camera of the phone The Nokia N8 is equipped with a 12MP camera with the Carl Zeiss optical lens which ensures that the captured moment by your camera remains crystal clear with you till you want it to be. The Xenon flashes in the back and the secondary VGA camera just make it all the more better.

The phone comes with a 16 GB internal memory and does not have any external SD card slot.

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