Iphone 6 Screen Protector From Gearmaxx

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    Sep 10, 2014
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Iphone 6 Screen Protector From Gearmaxx Photo by John Smith

Most of us are pretty sure that iphone 6 will be the biggest thing to hit the markets in 2014. With Apple’s popularity skyrocketing with the success of IOS, the sales of iphone6 is bound to be huge. The consumer interest is intensifying too and most of us will certainly purchase the product as soon as it is launched.

But with an expensive, yet frail device like that, protection is a must. Most of us will probably buy a huge case that covers the whole phone and some of us will keep the phone as it is. The cases for the already big phone will be bulky and will make the phone hard to carry in pockets. Similarly, when you leave your phone naked, it is prone to get scratches and smudges.

Your safest investment while buying a new phone will be its protection. We all like to have latest phone with amazing software and clean screens. We are over protective and guard our phones zealously but accidents are inevitable and our phones might slip from our hands. So installing a screen guard doesn’t only keep your phone in mint condition, but it will also increase the resale value of the phone if you decide to sell it later.

So if you are conscious of the protection your iphone6 will need and are confused about which iphone 6 screen protector to choose from, you can stop looking and go for Gearmaxx. Gearmaxx is an established brand of screen protectors that manufactures high quality ultra-clear and anti-glare screen protectors. We also have tempered glass screen protectors available for a selected range of devices.
What we noticed to be the most common problems of people was the installation of the screen protection. Very few of us have mastered the art and the rest of us end up wasting our time and money. Our silicone adhesive screen protectors are relatively cheap and easier to apply than most of the screen guards out there. The color shifting of the smart phone screen protector and the obstruction of the screen protector in the touch responsiveness were other common problems. We are proud to announce that our customers didn’t face any of those problems. The color of the screen protector stays as it is and it doesn’t create problems in touch-responsiveness. On the contrary, your screen look amazing and you won’t even notice that a screen protector is there.

Our mobile cell phone screen guards are scratch-resistant and will keep your screen safe from scratches. Because of this function, they are highly unlikely to get damaged sooner and hence will last longer than normal screen protectors. Refrain yourself from buying cheap products only to replace them every week. Invest on a high quality product and keep your phones safe and secure.

Pre-order an iphone 6 screen protector today and get it shipped in time for the arrival of the iphone 6. We ship for free and provide you with the best deals around the internet. Visit our store in ebay and look for the screen protector for your devices. We even manufacture screen protector for tablets, laptops and cameras. Go for Gearmaxx today and keep your phones safe.

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Iphone 6 is the most anticipated product of this year. Most of us are set to buy it the instant it hits the markets. Protect your investment with Gearmaxx iphone 6 screen protector and keep your screen in a pristine condition. Our screen shields are scratch-resistant and keep your screens safe from scratches.

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