Hybrid Cars

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    Sep 05, 2012
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As far as global warming is concerned, there is a need for us, people, to develop hybrid cars or electrical cars rather. Question is, why? Well, fuel shortage is now a problem. A problem that can worsen soon. Not only fuel shortage, but also combustion is one whole big problem.

As we know, A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more power sources to move this vehicle. It make work through solar energy, water energy, or batteries. When a car is using batteries, then this can be recharged by electricity. Yes, I'm talking about the ones at your home. Electrical outlets. Just like Chevy Volt, there is a power adaptor connecting from the electrical outlet to the car. What makes it amazing is that, you don't have to drive all your way to the gas station to get a full tank or for some, some gas and drive back home and park it in your garage and  you wasted some gas for that. With hybrid cars, charge at home and store it for tomorrow. But the main problem comes now. Is this source of energy sufficient enough to power up the vehicles? We see Ford F-150, Mustang, and all those powerful cars. Can hybrid cars be like these?

Honestly, I don't know. But I think that when technology improves, electricity can power up cars to its fullest. Just like in the olden times. Cars before, powered by fuel, were not as powerful as now. So, I think that Hybrid cars would develop like that. Aside from energy consumption among cars, what makes hybrid cars so good is the technology built in it. It has all the driving assistant, voice control, bluetooth connection, and above all, you can turn on your car, make it beep, and turn its headlights on with your smartphone. This is what fuel powered cars lack. I, therefore, conclude that as technology becomes better. Power sufficiency will as well.

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