What To Prepare Before Selling Your Junk Car

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    Aug 17, 2013
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What To Prepare Before Selling Your Junk Car Photo by Lee Hancock

So you've had your eye on a new car for months now, and you've just earned enough money to go ahead and purchase it. However, before you go ahead and obtain the car of your dreams, you must get rid of your old car first. You may give it away or sell it yourself, but that would take time, and you'd lose an opportunity to gain money for your junk car.

Nowadays, people sell their junk cars to junk car removal companies in order to free up some much needed garage space. However, you simply can't drop off your car just like that. It's serve you well for some time, so the best you can do is to sell it properly, and for the right value. To do that, there are some things you must do in preparation for the sale.

Dig up your car's related documents. You'll never know what the removal company might need from you, so it's better to be prepared, instead of having to go back and forth when the time comes. Better yet, call up a few companies beforehand and ask them for a list of requirements. While you're on the phone with them, go ahead and ask for a quote as well.

Get an estimated market value for your car. If you have access to the Internet, the better. Visit different sites and get an estimate on how much your car would go for in the market. There is no shortage of resources on the Internet, so make full use of that. You should also call up several car removal companies and ask for a rough estimate. You can't get an accurate prediction just yet because they haven't seen the car yet, but it's a good place to start.

You can also ask a car repairman for a rough estimate. While you're at it, you may also ask the repairman to make small repairs on the car so it would sell for a higher price. If you're particularly adept at small auto repairs, you can try fixing small things like tattered upholstery and stained carpeting.

In situations wherein your car is already a complete wreck and won't run anymore, don't worry. A lot of car removal companies take cars which don't work anymore. They usually salvage parts which are still useable, and then sell the exterior to companies which need the metal, or to auto manufacturers who meld them for their newer models. If this is your case, not much preparation is needed, but you still have to know how much your car is worth, so you can say that your trusty old car has served you well until the very end.

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