Pure Breed or Mutt?

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    Sep 18, 2013
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Pure Breed or Mutt? Photo by Raquel Cervera

So many campaigns keep coming out every day trying to create conscience in us humans of the need to adopt a dog instead of buying one! The reason for that is it has become a real problem for shelters to try and keep the numerous dogs they have alive. It is not only a problem of space, but a very serious one financially, so the alternative they have, although not the one wanted, is euthanasia.

When anyone takes a dog to the shelter, he has to know that the probability of that animal dying is much higher than it is of being adopted. I think the first thing that person should consider is if the reason he is taking the dog to the shelter is a valid one or just one based on impulse or as a result of anger, frustration or any other negative reaction, and second, the just mentioned reality the poor animal will almost certainly face. Why?

The answer to that question depends primarily on the concept the possible dog owner has of what having a dog means. There are too many that only look at the dog as a means of income; that is, nobody would ever pay for a mutt, right? That is the primary reason they use for not ever wanting to go to the shelter, even if they could find pure breeds there also that have been abandoned God only knows why. No papers, no dog.

Bringing home a pure dog with that purpose only is, to my belief, cruel. The dog will never be seen as part of the family, as one who deserves the same attention and love any traditional pet has. The main concern here will be finding the right mate, be it female or male, with which to assure the litter and the money coming in. I have even seen some breeders count the money they will make of that litter before the dogs have even seen each other for the first time.

What to say about the breeders that only want their dogs for shows and of course, also business? The more prizes the dog wins, the more valuable it becomes and the more money the owner can make.

There are always exceptions to the rule. Some breeders do care for their dogs in a loving way and keep them as part of their pack, that is, the family. But, and it seems there are always  the “buts” involved, many others take their animals to the shows, pay someone to maintain them is good condition and also keep them in cages, depending on the amount of dogs they have. I am basing myself here on personal experience, not rumors or other people’s stories. Those animals do not receive true personal care from their owners and only provide them with the pride of the prizes and the money that comes from those. They do love creating a name for themselves as breeders, though.

Pure breeds are beautiful in their own characteristics, but simple mutts are just as adorable.
If one is looking at the idea of owning a dog, thinking about everything else but the money may be the true approach if one is going to enjoy everything a dog can provide its owner throughout its life. The typical consequence of adopting a mutt and bringing it home is that this animal will show a loyalty and companionship that really has no price. No amount of money can pay for the happiness, the playing, the love and that loyalty any dog can provide.

I was mainly referring above to the negative approaches some dog owners use towards their dogs, but that does not mean we can all enjoy a dog of whichever pure breed simply for the pleasure of having and caring for it. As a matter of fact, I am sure we are the majority in this class. Having a dog is what counts, and giving it what one receives multiplied tenfold should always be the main consideration now and always.

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