Do We Rescue Dogs or Do Dogs Rescue Us?

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    Nov 15, 2013
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Do We Rescue Dogs or Do Dogs Rescue Us? Photo by Raquel Cervera

The common notion among people who love dogs and dedicate themselves to doing something about abandoned dogs or dogs victims of human cruelty in its many manifestations is that they are the dogs rescuers. Yes, they are, and they certainly help these poor animals as much as they can to become part of other caring families or facilities that will provide them with the love and attention to their needs that they deserve. But, is that all?

Many of us who are interested in knowing a little bit more about the meaning of our existence on this planet know that nothing happens by chance. It is funny when you hear stories of people who had a belief in something that had happened to them of it being precisely due to chance, and after some time, were finally brought to the conclusion of the real reasons of the occurrence of those events

In one way or another, we face things in our lives that have a lesson for us to learn and people or animals that will also bring a special knowledge and meaning to our relations with them. Rescuing dogs is just one of them.

The act of giving is one of the most beautiful a human being can do. By giving, even if we do not notice it at first, we always receive, and that is precisely what happens when we rescue dogs and give them the opportunity of a better life. We do give to them, but you would be surprised at the many things we receive from them in return, and I am not just talking here about the gratefulness and loyalty we are so familiar with when dealing with these wonderful animals.

Although I am just talking here about dogs, there are many other cases with other animals that have the same meaning and share the same beautiful tales.

Let me tell you a story about a couple of dog lovers who were just walking  their Shar-Pei and were approached by a man who told them there was a big, black dog left alone in an alley. They went to check and found a German Shepherd which just followed them home. After trying unsuccessfully to find its owners, the couple decided to keep the dog and make it a part of their family.
In 2009, the couple wanted to take a vacation, but found it very difficult to find a place which could accept the big, 70 pounds dog with its owners, so they decided to create a website called just to help find places where both, owners and pets could stay together. They sold their house in Pennsylvania and left in their 24 ft. long mobile home, having already visited 47 states and investigated and classified everything they have learned in their trips and documented all that in their site for others to benefit.

Their conclusion has been that this is maybe not the way to make them rich, but that they have never been happier in their lives, and that they owe all of this to Buster, as they called their “rescued” dog. As you can see, both parties gave and received at the same time, making both their existences have another meaning not just for each other, but for many others who also receive every day as the product of this supposed meeting happening “by chance.”

There are thousands of stories like this one all over the place. Many of those deal with abandoned or victimized dogs arriving at homes where there are human beings suffering from depression and other mental or physical conditions that made them feel miserable and think their lives had no purpose any more. Some of these include people who have suffered accidents and are restrained to wheelchairs, soldiers returning from war with all sort of scars, both physical and mental, children with limitations of all kinds and many others. These dogs changed these people’s lives and taught them lessons that brought them back. The common denominator in many of these stories was that if the dogs were able to recover from the abuse they had suffered and were there helping them and accompanying them through their affliction, so could they do the same……and they did!

Rescued dogs always have a story to tell, even if not with words. All we have to do is “listen’ to the messages and learn from them. They will always be to our benefit and to our progress in this road we call life.

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