Some great ways to challenge your Dogs Mind

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    Mar 13, 2014
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Some great ways to challenge your Dogs Mind Photo by Jack William

Dogs also get bored with the old everyday boring routine just like humans, the best way to make them active and entertain, you need to make them mentally challenged by constantly exposing them to explore new things. These kinds of activities are as much important as taking them out for the walk or exercising, whereas the destructive behavior is more common in bored dogs where they take out their negative energy on the other things like your furniture. In this article, we will discuss some of the important and creative ways to stimulate the mind of your dog so they do not misbehave and get bored.

New Trick – Every time you introduce a new trick to your dog, it makes him mentally challenge, where he is supposed to search for the new tricks to work on. If you are ready to pass the basic commands, you can search over the internet for the new ideas of dog training in Melbourne.You can go to the obedience school where the dogs learn some of the new skills and groomed, which make the dog less anxious in their daily routine and behave more relaxed in public and around other dogs. It’s the general perception about the dogs that the older dog does not learn new tricks, but a constant grooming can make it possible if you give it a try.

Play With Interactive Games and Toys With Your Dog – the interactive games keep your dogs mentally active. You can purchase a puzzle or a doggie board game which challenges your dog’s brain. You can give your dog with one of many toys where the treats are hidden and they have to solve the puzzles where they are engage to figure out how to work with them. This is a great mental exercise for your dog.

Running Task With Your Dog – Even a small, quick run to the backyard, a stopover at a friend’s house can put your dog face to face with an oodles of stimulants Even a car wash or the car ride can be stimulating for your dog where he can experience a lot of different sounds, sights and new experiences and situations. It can make your dog gets excited and makes him get a good sleep even if it was not that physically taxing.

Introduction of New Faces – Every time your dog meets a new person they are introduced to the new sounds and sights. It is recommended to take your dog to the dog park, which makes him to have an ample experience of new sights and active his senses. The trainers use some gadgets like Dog Accessories Australia for the grooming of dogs, whereas it makes them engaging as well.

Rotate Out the Old Toys – Nobody wants to play with the same thing every day, then how can you expect your dog to love the same toy which he is having for past three months? Give him a toy to play with for a few days and when he starts having a boredom, replace it with a new toy so that he could have a new experience and openness to new things. The same can be done with the Dog Treats, your dog could get bored of eating the same thing for everyday, try to add some new items in its diet but do not alter it abruptly.

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