Chicago: A City of World-class Architecture

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    Jun 11, 2013
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Chicago: A City of World-class Architecture Photo by Albi Morkel

If so, set your way ahead for Chicago, one of the most tempting and beautiful cities of the planet. Resplendent with a lot of astonishing and incredible places of interest, Chicago truly lives up to the expectations of all and sundry. Considered the abode of blues and jazz, the dynamic city offers a lot to see and do.

One of the most thrilling metropolises of the world, Chicago has the whole lot from spectacular museums, chic and trendy shops, wonderful urban background, grand Sears Tower, superb zoos, splendid and unique historical regions, fantastic restaurants and so on. A center of ethnic happenings, it is the third biggest city of the US.

Whenever you take a tour to a large city, it is considered good to plan your list of things to see so that you can make the most of your trip and don’t miss a must visit site. Below are the topmost attractions of the city worth seeing…

Art Institute
The first and foremost marvel on your list should be Art Institute of Chicago. It boasts of several breathtaking and stunning art pieces of Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet and numerous others, which are not to be found in any other part of the sphere. Avail yourself with a sight of thousands awe-inspiring magnum opus from Impressionist, African, Asian, American arts, etc. in this museum. Definitely, it is an amazing place which you must not forget to visit on your Chicago tour.

Museum of Science and Industry
A must see attraction particularly for children and probably one of the biggest museums in the United States, it entices one and all with exceptionally remarkable collections. Explore mesmerizing 'Yesterday's Main Street' for an excursion back in time so as to come across exactly how Chicago appeared in 1900. Besides, save ample time to have a glance at the Omnimax Theatre highlighting a large viewing screen.

Sears Tower
Sears Tower is one of the highest structures of the sphere and fascinates a large number of visitors owing to its brilliance and spark. Enjoy a fabulous ride in elevators which have the capability of elevating more than 1,450 ft. (110 stories) within a couple of minutes only. When on observation deck, behold downwards for an awesome and outstanding view of the metropolis. To take full advantage of your Chicago trip, go for a guided tour of Sears Tower which provides you a perfect impression of its history and importance for the city.

Rich from the cultural perspective, Chinatown is a cool and enchanting part of Chicago. Avail yourself with a feel and impression of mini China by strolling around Wentworth Avenue. With attractive and nice eateries, vibrant fish markets, goods merchants and more, Chinatown is worth visiting.

Lincoln Park Zoo
Superb Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the most famous and oldest zoos of the country initially made in 1800s. One can easily have an idea of its popularity with the vast number of tourists who pay a visit here each year. Explore astounding and properly maintained displays featuring many and varied species as well as habitations. More to the point, keep plenty of daytime to experience the zoo at its best.

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