A Place of Color, Contrast and Variety Istanbul

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    May 25, 2013
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A Place of Color, Contrast and Variety Istanbul Photo by Albi Morkel

Blessed with both opulent history and contemporary influence, there are a number of things to see and do in Istanbul. What’s best with the incredible place is that it has something for everyone, so it never lets anybody down, whatever the aspirations are!

Superlative Worth

To tell the truth, it is a world city and able to emulate all places of the globe in loads of dimensions, such as architect, arts, innate gorgeousness, and so on. Don’t miss plethora of activities based on art like outstanding opera and ballet, vibrant festivals, high-class exhibitions, wonderful conferences, delightful theatres, etc. Surprisingly, the fabulous destination is home to many ancient structures that date back to 13th Century or even before that.

Istanbul is one of the most popular hotspots of not only Turkey but also the world. There are a vast variety of enticements like astounding skyscrapers, ancient crumbling edifices, sophisticated and first-class places for shopping, cheerful souks and more, which lure millions of tourists from all parts of the globe. Aside from these, it houses the headquarters of numerous large enterprises, banks and media agencies.

Awesome Touristic Gems

The planet’s only city which is built on two continents, it is the biggest metropolis of Turkey as well as the heart of its economy. It is well-renowned for its cultural significance and the same is visible in its various ancient magnets. Avail yourself with a sight of magnificent Topkapi Palace, awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia, grand Suleymaniye Mosque and spectacular Sultanahmet Mosque. Besides these trinkets, several of the finest marvels of the city include Blue Mosque, The Hippodrome, Princes' Islands, Dolmabahce Palace, Spice Market and Bosphorus.

Shopping Ecstasy

For shopping lovers, the enchanting destination has endless options. Grand Bazaar is one of the captivating shopping sites which must be included in your travel itinerary. It features more than 4000 shops with exquisite jewelry, quality leather goods, elegant pottery, beautiful antiques, striking rugs, lovely textiles and much, much more. If you are noble in the act of bargaining, you can certainly benefit a great deal here. Aside from Grand Bazaar, there are a lot of world-class modern shopping centers which are also worth visiting.

Food and Entertainment Delight

Whether you are a foodie or fussy eater, splendid Istanbul has myriads of alternatives to satisfy your taste buds. Take pleasure from some of the nation’s most excellent cuisines along with seafood, its specialty. Relish the ‘award winning’ and finest wines from Turkey offered in all wine bars. Go for famous beach resorts proffering ultimate excitement and fun. Kilyos is one of such attractions highlighting a fabulous beach park, outstanding swimming facilities and scores of eateries. Celebrated for lively and bustling night parties and unbeatable live concerts in summers, it’s a perfect spot to hang out.


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That is what Istanbul is all about! Alive with historical charms and natural picturesque splendor, it is a must visit city at least once in your lifetime. Click here to more detaila about Istanbul flights

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