Beijing, a City of Iconic Landmarks

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    May 29, 2013
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Beijing, a City of Iconic Landmarks Photo by Albi Morkel

A brilliant fact associated with the enchanting hotspot is that no one will get bored here ever. What is more, Beijing endows all the vacationers with an extraordinary feel, making their tour alive with fun and buzz.
The educational, political and cultural hub of the nation, Beijing is indeed one of the must visit tourist places of the globe. In addition, the best thing about this dynamic and exciting metropolis is that you may explore it on your own conditions and above all, within your budget. The most excellent time to pop in Beijing is “Golden Autumn”, i.e., in the middle of September and October. And as far as your stay during the visit is concerned, the city has wide-ranging choices from inexpensive hotels to grand and luxurious ones.

Let’s look out over prominent tourist sites in Beijing…

Temple of Heaven

It is a breathtaking marvel situated at the southeastern area of Beijing’s central zone. Heaven is epitomized with a circle and Earth with a square in this temple. Not only this, some facets of this structure signify the linking of square and circle (Earth and Heaven). The entire complex has been bordered with two barricades of walls. The exterior wall consists of a smaller and rectangular southern end which is a symbol of Earth as well as a bigger and semi-circular northern end which implies Heaven.

Capital Museum

Opened in 1981, the splendid attraction bestows visitors with many and diverse selections of ancient figurines, sculptures, jade ware, bronze art, Chinaware and paintings. The awe-inspiring art museum is positioned in Xicheng District and highlights above 200,000 ancient artifacts at the present time. Undoubtedly, it offers a glimpse of rich cultural legacy and is a must visit wonder in the metropolis.

Summer Palace

It is an amazing park like a majestic oasis, which is regarded as the biggest regal garden of the country. The fabulous and enticing charm is abode of great temples, striking mansions, fabulous ancient pavilions, wonderful bridges and a large scenic lake. Moreover, the landmark is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a perfect place to explore Chinese architecture and gardens.

The Forbidden City

The most well-preserved and biggest ancient architectural structure of the globe, it used to be the residence of Emperors for a period of about five centuries in addition to the political and ceremonial center of the government of China. With stunning artwork, it is one of the several instances of highly decorative and emblematic ornate design and patterns. This world-class gem highlights the Palace Museum now-a-days.

Tiananmen Square

It is a recognized landmark of the city, which holds its significance for being an onlooker of many historic happenings and events. Additionally, the magnificent trinket has earned the reputation of the third biggest city square of the globe.

Ming Dynasty Tombs

This is a famous historical place of interest located approximately 42 km northwest of Beijing’s central zone. It is acknowledged that of seventeen Ming Dynasty Rulers, thirteen had been buried here.


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