What Will You Do In Darjeeling?

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    Jul 04, 2014
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What Will You Do In Darjeeling? Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

A popular hill station in India; Darjeeling has so many fascinating and fun activities in and around Darjeeling that any holiday goer will be delighted to explore it again and again. Toy train is for families and children and the eco-friendly home-stays in Kalimpong are not for everyone. So, before you book your Darjeeling tour package, check out the itineraries and actual activities to ensure that it is up to your taste in travel. Here are some of the finest activity ideas in Darjeeling for your holiday package.

Check out Khangchendzonga.

Though, you can go a bit higher  at Kalimpong or Pelling  to take a close sneak peak at the true  Himalayan glory, it is advisable to say that you mustn’t miss the view of sun rise from Tiger hill. In the clear sky the view of Mount event against the rising sun is breathtaking.

Enjoy the local culture.

Like most hill stations, Darjeeling is known for its scenic landscapes. The miles and miles of tea plantations make it a delightfully scenic Darjeeling tour package. The cultural part is the surprise element of sort. You can rest assured that it is a great experience indeed. The historical buildings are converted into comfortable colonial hotels. The   local cuisine; similar to the north eastern cuisine is a real delight. The momos have always been the cute little feasts. There are several Indian and Chinese restaurants you can visit. But, the Sikkimese and Nepalese food is the real culinary delight.  You might have to be brave enough; if you are not accustomed to their style of cooking. But, it is worth it for sure. 

Explore the scenic natural bliss.

This is a rather typical and scenic experience; Darjeeling tour packages are known for.   Skip it if you want to avoid clichés, obviously. But, one thing is for sure; the pickers picking up the leaves in the plantation as you stroll across is a vision you will remember. You can check out the rock garden, the Ganga Maya Park, Darjeeling zoo just as much. Though, if you are visit the second time, you might need to take a bit more unusual travel attractions like Tiesta tea and tourism festival or a trekking route in the hilly regions. 

So, get into your traveller spirit and head out to this North Eastern glory and luxuriate into its unique flavour and experience. If you want a week long holiday package, you can add Sikkim and Kalimpong to the list; otherwise short and sweet Darjeeling weekend is also fun and exciting.

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