How To Avoid Having False Teeth

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    Mar 11, 2014
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Pearly Whites Dental Clinic
Pearly Whites Dental Clinic
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No one likes the idea of having false teeth, but if you don’t have any teeth at all, that is worse as you won’t be able to eat much solid food. However, you don’t have to suffer having dentures that are uncomfortable or fall down all the time if your condition is suited to dental implants instead. These are false teeth that are individually fitted into the jawbone so that they act and feel like your real teeth did.

To have this done would take longer than getting dentures fitted as the inserts have to be placed into the jaw and left to heal before the teeth are screwed onto them. However, it is really worthwhile to ask about having them as the end result is much better than having dentures on a plate that often makes your mouth feel dry when you wear it.

Dental implants are possibly more suited for those cases where one or a few teeth need to be replaced rather than the whole lot. However, all the teeth can be replaced in this way in some cases.  It is necessary to talk to your dentist and have your problem assessed. It is necessary to have strong bones as well. Treatment can take up to nine months, depending on how many are being done.

It is far better to have your teeth checked for decays and filled when necessary so that you won’t have to worry about dentures. Even if you need root canal therapy it is wise to go ahead and have it rather than allowing the dentist to pull the tooth. In this process, the nerve is deadened and removed and all the soft tissue in the root of the tooth that has been infected must be removed too.  The area must be cleansed and a temporary filling put in before the main filling so that more work can be done on it if necessary.

Many people these days go for cosmetic dentistry in Sydney as this works to give them a more attractive smile. Teeth often grow in crooked or become discoloured, especially after the nerve is removed. Dental veneers are thin shells that are placed over the teeth to make them look smooth and even – and white.

Having this process done will give your teeth a whole new look and ensure an attractive smile at all times.  There are many other ways these days that your smile can be made more attractive and give you more self confidence, so it is worthwhile looking into some of them if you are dissatisfied with your looks.

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