Long Distance Relationship

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    Sep 11, 2012
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What is Long Distance Relationship? Most people would think that LDR is for those who are weak, who wouldn't dare to get a real relationship. But, LDR is for the bold, only those who can be separated from their love by the distance is able to go through this. And who say LDR never worked out? There's lots of different kind of LDR, those whose love is in the Military, or those whose love had to move away because of some reason, or those for met their love online. Who said love can't blossoms from meeting people online?

LDR is a real relationship, you dont have to see someone everyday to fall in love, it's the times when you woke up and thought about that person, wishing they are there with you, they are the ones that you love, and would give anything to see them. Buying a webcam, so that you're able to 'see' them when you talk. Not being able to touch physically hurts.

When you need them here, a cuddle a hug or a kiss, it really hurts when you are not able to get them. Or being physically there for them when they need you.

It's when you treasure the time you spent with them, even if it's just for a few minutes. the times when they said they are going to send you a letter or a package, it's the only physical thing you get from them at the moment. And smelling their scent that came with their letter. Sleeping with their shirt.

When you arrange to meet with them, those butterflies you get from being nervous, it's deliciously wonderful.

LDR is REAL. It's about trust, commitment and communication. I'd say, don't get yourself in an LDR if you're not ready. You'll get really hurt. But, it may be a good experience.

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