Content Writing As A Career

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    Aug 27, 2014
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Content Writing As A Career Photo by Delnaz Edulji

Do you have flair for writing? Then content writing is the most effective career options for you. With the Internet becoming more fluid and easily accessible, the opportunity of jobs for online business is growing every day. One career option is “Content Writing”. Content writing is offered commonly to website owners and businesses.

There are many content writers in Mumbai, India, US, UK, and across the globe, who believe that simply having good English is enough to make a good writer. It’s not just about putting down creative ideas and salacious thoughts in an article or a blog, information written should also be factually correct and authentic. As a content writer, you need to get involved in extensive research of the topic and material which is to be included in the article.

Do not mistake web content writing or blog content writing services to be a silly or simple job. It is not as simple as it sounds. You need to be extremely focused and hardworking to be a proficient web content writer. It is not only the quantity of the writing that matters, but the quality too.

Demand for Content Writers

Multinational - companies usually don't have time to write articles and blogs and articles for their companies themselves, so they outsource the contract of writing out to other companies or freelancers to write high-quality content.

There is a rise in the demand of quality content writers who play a vital role in any online advertising campaign.  If you search for “freelance content writer Mumbai”, you’ll find a fair list of companies providing these services. However, not many focus only on content writing. This creates large career opportunities for freelance content writers.


Almost anyone can type on a keyboard these days, but to be able to churn out appealing and instructive material is an ability not easily found. The ideal candidate can be a graduate in any field or domain, provided they have good command over written and spoken English. English language should be impeccable and the person should be able to present the documentations in correct and accurate English. And most importantly the writer needs to be creative too. Because the presentation of the content matters a lot and so the person taking up the job should be well-versed with Microsoft Office tools. The writer should have an eye for detail. The skill set of this person defines the attentiveness of the reader.

Content Writing Profile

There are a variety of areas that one can write for when it comes to content writing. Here’s a quick glimpse:

• Copywriting–Writing convincing copy for advertising and marketing needs.
• Research Writing – Carry out research on various topics and put the data together in a required format when there is a lot of information that needs to be studied and replicated.
• Web Content Writing – Writing content for websites from scratch. It may also involve rewriting existing content.With a lot of companies outsourcing work, the need for services in content writing for websites in Mumbai is increasing drastically.

• Ghost Writing – One who writes for another writer who doesn’t have time or the skill for the job.
• Creative Writing – It’s all about putting ordinary words and ideas into an interesting, tasteful, and thought-provoking way.


Content writing is evolving as a very lucrative career option and is also quite popular in India. Since Internet is essential for every business and organization these days, big or small, the need for content writers is also increasing.

Earning can be quite profitable in freelancing if you can get regular projects. While “freelancing” sounds and feels like a great option, freelancers often fail to meet either quality or timelines. Constant follow-ups, managing multiple freelancers, writers withdrawing at the last minute, preference of personal life over professional commitments, are some of the many hassles that companies face while looking out for freelancers. So, while it’s great to freelance from home, it’s difficult to get projects rolling in constantly.  Thus, a role as a content writer in a company is an ideal fit.

This career option is stimulating, intellectual, refined, and a respectful alternative work prospect for the witty minded.

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