Benefits of purchasing seasonal goods in the off season

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    Jun 12, 2013
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Benefits of purchasing seasonal goods in the off season Photo by Chris Martin

Whether you own a dollar store or an online store, you must be finding it hard to keep up your profits as prices of dollar store merchandise and wholesale items continue to rise. The rising freight shipping charges and import duties have further reduced the profit margins of the retailers and dollar store owners.

One of the best ways retailers and dollar store owners can keep up to their profits is by purchasing seasonal goods in the off season and holding them until they are in season again. By buying seasonal goods during the off season retailers can enjoy excellent savings on their store merchandise. There are wholesale liquidators, close out suppliers, and suppliers of customer returns that offer amazing discounts on seasonal goods in the off season. Though the discounts offered on seasonal goods in the off season vary from supplier to supplier, you can enjoy as much as 60-70% discounts on your merchandise purchase.

Regardless of what business you are in, you can always benefit from procuring seasonal goods in the off season. And when these goods are in season again, you can offer discounts, freebies, promotions, and offers on these items to boost your sales and business revenues.

In case you don’t have enough storage space, you can adopt some marketing methods to attract seasonal shopper during the off season. You may offer attractive discounts on products during the off season to convince people to buy from you. You can offer free shipping to your customers. Selling off seasonal complimentary goods with seasonal goods is yet another way to clear out your off seasonal stock. By making use of newsletters, and email marketing you can inform your buyers about your off season sales and can persuade them to check out your store and to buy from you.

Buying seasonal goods in off season can save you lots of money in product sourcing for your dollar store or online retail store. Just look for reliable and reputable suppliers to ensure there are no quality issues with the seasonal goods that you are buying during off season.

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There is yet another great benefit of buying seasonal goods in the off season. If you have just started retailing clothes or shoes, or have started with a small garage store, you may be able to increase your retail store merchandise without worrying about your limited funds. Since the seasonal goods are sold at incredibly low prices during the off season, you can buy them and hold them until the next season. You will be able to offer a much larger variety

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