Top Reasons Why Oak is Best.

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    Apr 05, 2013
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Top Reasons Why Oak is Best. Photo by Chris Martin

Oak is very popular in a range of home furnishings. It is a very versatile wood, which is easy to work with and craft. What’s more oak has many straight lines and has a very smooth finish. Although oak is often a great deal more expensive than other woods it is also much tougher.

When it comes to things like conservatories, oak can make a real difference. Its toughness is ideal to enable it to withstand the elements, and also its smooth and straight finish is also aesthetically pleasing. Conservatories tend to be made from PVC although some high quality ones can be made from oak. Oak conservatories will tend to be more expensive than PVC but when you take into account how many more years an oak framed conservatory will last, only then do you get the full picture of the true value of oak.

Another benefit of oak as a choice of wood for things like conservatories is that it is highly resistant to fungal and inset attacks.  Oak was used in Europe for the construction of ships in the 19th centaury. Also many timber-framed buildings were made from oak due to its strength and ability to resist these fungal and insect attacks.

Oak is used in a range of products, as we have established. However did you know it is also used in the production of wine, sherry, brandy and whiskey barrels?

Is the extra cost worth it?

This is a hard question to answer. Aside to oaks practical advantages of being harder and more resistant to fungus etc..the extra cost is down to personal taste and what someone defines as an acceptable price. Oak in the creation of outdoor items like conservatories, chairs and tables always has been, and probably always will be popular for those looking for a premium quality product, due to what it represents in terms of quality and prestige.

Alternatives to oak.

There are different types of wood, which can be used as an alternative to oak. Although not as desirable they too are from the hardwood range, like oak is. Hardwood is wood from angiosperm trees.  A good way to check how hard a wood can be is to refer to the Janka Hardness test. This test measures wood in hardness of pounds force. It ranges from 22 lb-force for Cuipo wood to 5060 lb-force for Australian Buloke. Red oak is rated at 1290 lb-force. Other similar woods in this range are beech, white ash, teak and pine. Although all hard they do not have the versatility of oak, nor do they have as an attractive, smooth finish, which is associated with oak.

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