Interactive Media Management Trains You For Cutting Edge Field

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    Jul 15, 2014
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Interactive Media Management Trains You For Cutting Edge Field Photo by Jason White

Do you dream of being a producer working in the interactive media landscape? Have you completed a college diploma or university degree in any discipline or partial post-secondary (minimum two years) and have relevant work experience? Are you willing to submit a letter of interest to the program coordinator and attend a Program Admission Session? If so, Centennial College's Interactive Media Management program may be for you.

The interactive media program is a project-driven undertaking that prepares students for today's world of interactive technology, media and innovation. As 2011 graduate Matthew Flanagan explains, "The [offering] was an all around excellent experience. With a focus on front end, back end development and overall industry awareness, the program gave me all the tools needed to break into the interactive industry.  Working closely with the professors [enabled me] to emphasize my personal areas of interest and create a portfolio to represent that. After my summer internship with the digital department at Astral Television Networks I continued working with them and now am a full time content-coordinator for the digital team."

While Matthew offers a great overview of a student's perspective of the undertaking, let's take a closer look at some of the specifics. Firstly, students spend their first semester gaining a base of foundational skills that include topics such as: user experience planning through wireframing, content structure analysis, practical coding, A/V production for digital platforms, and management skills. In the second semester, students move onto more advanced topics such as business, analytics, technology, and planning documentation. While each Interactive Media course offers various elements of hands-on application, students get a chance to shine through the Senior Project class. During this part of the program, under the direction of faculty, students they work on individual interactive projects, applying the conceptual, technical, and production skills that they have acquired. The project workshops are dedicated to all aspects of interactive digital media practice and production.

Students are exposed to the industry and available career options in the early stages of the program and then during the duration of time they spend in it. The overall Centennial College experience comes to completion with an intensive industry field placement. A 10-week opportunity, it allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting. The Field Placement is facilitated in conjunction with the Career Networking course, which enables students to acquire a network of connections that reflect the wide scope of the interactive media design industry in Canada. Students focus on specific segments of the industry and develop career research strategies using both traditional and new tools.

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