Interactive Media Management - Program Structure and Career Outlook

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    Aug 18, 2014
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Interactive Media Management - Program Structure and Career Outlook Photo by Jason White

The digital media landscape is changing constantly. This can be attributed to the increased prevalence of tablets, smart phones and immersible computing, constant advancements in digital technology, and changing preferences of people when it comes to information consumption. It takes a lot of hard work and creativity to keep readers or users interested, especially when there are numerous other options available to them.

This is why employers are now keen on hiring people who have an in-depth understanding of interactive media related concepts, such as human computer interaction, digital culture, and interaction design, and possess skills to create and manage web content, develop ideas to align brand goals and consumer needs, and build strategies to effectively use internet tools, such as blogs, social media, audios, videos, animation, graphics and games.

Centennial College's interactive media design program can prepare you for diverse careers in today's world of interactive technology, media and innovation, providing you with the knowledge and skills that employers expect from the current generation of digital strategists or interactive producers. The program is designed to help you upgrade your previous skills and acquire new skills that are relevant to this industry. A strong emphasis is laid on:

  • Understanding of the industry and user experience
  • Understanding of the latest trends in digital media
  • Development of narrative and management skills
  • Development of interactive media, content management and process management skills
  • Foundational skills in content structure analysis, practical coding and production for digital platforms
  • Gaining hands-on experience in a real world setting
  • Creation of visual and audio content

An interactive media program is an intensive program that covers all aspects of digital media industry and prepares graduates for careers in the areas of interactive production, digital content production, user experience design, digital strategy and digital project management.

The three-semester post-graduate program uniquely blends theory and practical and covers a wide selection of subjects, including production tools, interactive narrative, emerging technology, writing for interactive media, skills for collaborative workplace, interactive digital industry, video and sound for interactive media, experience design tools, analytics, project management, studio mentorship/partnership, interactive media business, networking skills, entrepreneurship and pitching and presentations.

The program also incorporates collaborative projects and an industry field placement, allowing you to apply your learning into practice, develop necessary critical thinking, problem solving, and team work skills and gain relevant industry contacts for future.

Centennial's interactive media course provides you with practical and creative skills, preparing you for careers in all areas of the interactive media industry in both Canada and rest of the world. The program exhibits high standards of learning and offers strong employment prospects to graduates.

As said earlier, the interactive digital management is a graduation certification program. In order to apply for this program, you will need a college diploma or university degree in any discipline and a letter of interest. You will also be eligible to apply to this program even if you have partial (minimum two years) post secondary diploma. However, you will also need to have relevant experience, in order to become eligible to apply to this program.

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