Hospitality and Tourism Courses offer a Solid Foundation

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    Jan 25, 2013
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Applying for a post-secondary program and not being accepted is always a difficult moment. However, those students who are interested in taking hospitality and tourism courses but have not been accepted to the program of their choice now have another alternative at Centennial College. These students can apply for the Hospitality Foundations program, which was created specifically for those in need of a pathway for pursuing a career in hospitality, tourism and culture.

This hospitality and tourism offering is different from other Centennial College programs in a few ways. First and foremost, students can't apply directly to its hospitality and tourism courses. Instead, they must advised and assisted to register by the Centennial College Assessment and Advising Centre. However, there are additional requirements to consider. Students must at least have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature applicant status (19 years or older). In addition, prior to registration, students must complete the Centennial College English skills assessment and score 130 or 131. In some cases, students' skills assessment score will satisfy the requirements for their original program choice. Centennial College will notify them by sending an offer to their original program if there is still space available.

Aside from the hospitality and tourism courses of this offering, students are also given the opportunity to develop academic and professional skills and attitudes, which will facilitate success in their program of choice and eventual career. Among these skills are English fluency, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. In regards to specific attitudes, students get into the habit of reflective practice in order to continuously develop their communication competence in all language strands.

The Hospitality Foundations program offers communication and field preparation course such as Life Skills and Job Readiness (helps students develop learning skills and life skills that will help them to maximize their personal fulfillment); and Foundations: Developing College Communications (designed to assist students in upgrading their English skills in the four areas - reading, writing, speaking, and listening). Meanwhile, specific hospitality and tourism courses include: Geography and Tourism - Western Hemisphere (examines earth sciences such as land formations, time zones and climate.  There will include a basic introduction to plate tectonics); Theory of Food Fundamentals (as good food is the foundation on which the restaurant industry is built, it is imperative that one understands how to not only produce good food, but to do so in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. This course will introduce learners to the theoretical principles of food production); and more.

After two semesters, students complete the Hospitality Foundations program with an Ontario College Certificate. They are then prepared to transfer into the more advanced hospitality and tourism courses of the program of their choice.

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