Fitness training program required to build a routine for a healthy lifestyle

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    Dec 02, 2013
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Fitness training program required to build a routine for a healthy lifestyle Photo by Pamela Wendell

It's not a fad or a trend. It's a lifestyle. Healthy living is about eating nutritious foods, maintaining an active lifestyle physically and mentally, and exercising regularly. Don't get swallowed by the most popular diets or exercise regimes. Eat the foods you enjoy sensibly but incorporate a fitness training program in your life to help balance your healthy eating habits. Do the proper exercise routine for your body and embrace your healthy lifestyle.

The health benefits are clear when it comes to exercise. Lower risk in heart diseases and other severe illnesses, scientifically-proven boost in happiness, and suitable weight range are some of the advantages of taking up exercise. One good way to help you lead a regular exercise program is with a help of a personal trainer or fitness instructor. Not only will you develop the habit of exercising, but the individual attention will personalize what you and your body need. This profession is seeing a growth spurt as many people realize the importance of good health through exercise.

Centennial College realized the potential success of a career in fitness so it developed the Fitness and Health Promotion (9320) program to attract students wishing to learn more about fitness and build a career on this exciting health initiative. Students will learn a variety of methods in assessing and implementing health programs as they learn about health and wellness concepts, nutrition, and personal training. Everyone is invited to join will expect to complete the following tasks and courses for this program :-

  • Applicants must first obtain a high school diploma or have a mature student status.
  • They also need the following academic requirements: a grade 12 English credit and one Science high school credit in grade 11 or 12; if there are no credits obtained, an English and Science skills assessment tests are required.
  • Enrolled students will complete a series of courses in four semesters, which starts in the fall intake.
  • Anatomy and physiology concepts are studied, so students will understand how the body works, and they can integrate this knowledge as they prescribe exercises to their clients.
  • Nutrition foundations will be explored, including sports nutrition, as fitness trainers work alongside nutritionists to combine exercise and healthy-eating into one successful program for clients.
  • As a college program, students will get hands-on experience in acting as a fitness trainer during their supervised field placement in the final semester.
  • Students will get the chance to be certified in a Standard First Aid course and a recognized CPR program, prior to their field placement.

As the number of interested people turn into healthier lifestyles, fitness professionals continue to be on demand. Centennial's health promotion program prepares future fitness instructors and trainers on how to respond to a client’s individual needs and create a suitable exercise regimen. Centennial College graduates reap the benefits of useful classroom knowledge combines with industry practice on field placements. The Fitness and Health Promotion program holds a strong option for learners who wish to graduate with the skills and knowledge ready for the fitness industry.

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Jason White explores the eligibility requirements and courses of the Fitness and Health Promotion program in Toronto to entice potential students to enroll at Centennial College.

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