Expand Your Skills with Distance Learning and Make Yourself Employable

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    Nov 28, 2013
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Expand Your Skills with Distance Learning and Make Yourself Employable Photo by Jason White

Continuous learning is a good concept to practice as it enables you to develop your skills and abilities, making you a better individual in personal and career contexts. Whether you want to extend your past studies or enter a new area of expertise, enrolling in a continuing education program can have its benefits. Additionally, your studies can work with your preferences through distance learning.

This non-traditional method of studies is a good match for many busy individuals, including:

  • A student who would like to continue with his or her studies, while looking for other opportunities, such as employment, internships, and volunteer work
  • A part-time employee, with fixed hours, shift work, or irregular working hours
  • A full-time employee, looking to go back to school while continuing the full-time job hours
  • A part-time or full-time parent/guardian, with family and household responsibilities
  • Anyone who would like to further their education, complete an unfinished program, or enter a new career
  • Anyone who would like to advance their careers, either by studying a similar discipline or venturing to a new area

Time, place, and technology do not have to obstacles with your studies. Distance learning provides students with the opportunity to schedule their studies in any way that best suits them, whether they choose to learn at their home, in the middle of the night, or at a faster or slower pace than regular programs.

The School of Continuing Education at Centennial College offers Distance Learning programs to local and international students. The programs are diverse and spans from the fields of Business to Information Technology to Community and Health Studies. Delivered in different formats, Centennial ensures that they cater to student needs and preferences:

  • Online programs: completed online, through live and recorded video lectures, computerized tests, and digital textbooks and course materials
  • Print-based programs: textbooks and other program resources are couriered to the students, in which they can study with tangible course materials and complete assignments by submitting them through the postal service system
  • Monthly courses:a block of courses instead of a whole program are offered either through distance correspondence or online learning

Through the flexibility and efficiency of distance learning, students benefit largely in this new way of schooling. Here are some advantages that learners can enjoy:

  • Convenience of studying an completing assignments at their own pace, whether they need more time to dedicate to a certain topic or lengthen the study period to make time for other commitments
  • Saving commute time, giving students more time to spend on their studies and other responsibilities
  • Work-life-school balance, where students can allocate school time around their work schedule and personal lives
  • Ability to control study environment in which students can work from home, in the local library, or another place where students learn at their best
  • New learning and networking opportunities from peers across the country and around the world

Centennial College creates an accessible and inclusive environment with these continuing education courses and programs. Its belief in a collaborative environment is seen through the classes, as students from all parts of the world connect with one another and exchange ideas. Distance learning paved way to a new education system, where anyone can pursue an education, no matter where people are with their lives.

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Jason White explores the purpose and benefits of Distance Learning, and introduces the different ways that Centennial College is offering this new method of schooling.

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