Career Options with Biotechnology - Industrial Microbiology

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    Aug 18, 2014
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Career Options with Biotechnology - Industrial Microbiology Photo by Jason White

Biotechnology industry was once dominated by scientists and others with doctorate or masters degrees in biotechnology or related disciplines. There was a very less or almost no scope for individuals with lesser degree levels.

But this field is continuously evolving, and there is a significant rise in career opportunities at lesser degree levels as well. There is a huge demand for professionals who are well-versed in scientific terminology and can assist scientists in carrying out tests and researches as well as with their daily tasks.

Biotechnology Industry is Evolving

Previously, the industry was dominated by national and multi-national giants and start-ups, and small and mid-size organizations found it very difficult to establish themselves. In addition to this, the common people were not able to relate themselves with the innovations in the industry or findings of experiments conducted in laboratories by scientists.

However, as federal regulatory authorities have begun to actually play an important role in governing the industry, it's become a fair place for budding biotechnology firms. Furthermore, the impact of genetic engineering is just beginning to be felt by the society or by a major chunk of educated population. People are now able to relate to the findings of various scientific studies.

Career Prospects are Improving

Increased awareness among common people and emergence of small and mid-size private biotechnology firms can be directly translated into increased career opportunities for students undergoing education and training in biological sciences. Now the jobs are also available for individuals with postsecondary education in biotechnology.

The job market is projected to grow at a very fast rate, which can be considered a good sign for biotech graduates. In addition, several career paths exist for them in this field. Microbiologists are needed for a variety of roles across many industries, including agriculture, pharmaceutical, environmental, industrial, food, cosmetics and academic.

Work Environment is Changing

Biotechnology technicians in Toronto are in more demand than ever. They may conduct research in laboratories, collect samples from outside and work in offices, depending upon their employment. They may also be engaged in preparing reports on the basis of results of the experiments or assisting scientists in conducting experiments and other senior officials.

Biotechnology – Industrial Microbiology Education

To begin a career as a biotechnology technician, students need to undergo a formal education in biotechnology – industrial microbiology. Typically, it is a two-year program that includes classroom learning and rigorous practical training in laboratories. Theory is combined with ongoing laboratory work. Besides, thorough laboratory training is provided to students from basics to professional skills.

Centennial College's program in biotechnology – industrial microbiology adopts the project approach, with independently designed microbiology projects, in order to enhance research and problem-solving skills of students. The biotechnology college provides students with practical training in organic and analytical chemistry and biochemistry. Students also learn to prepare specimens, appropriately handle materials, accurately calibrate instruments and design and perform lab experiments.

Program graduates can either choose to pursue their careers in the industry of their choice or opt for further studies by applying their academic rewards towards a more advanced program in biotechnology and microbial genetics or systematic microbiology.

Academic Requirements

In order to apply for this program, students will require secondary school diploma certificate and scores of English Grade 12C or University, or equivalent and Mathematics Grade 11M or 12 C or University, or equivalent.

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The author of the article discusses how biotechnology industry is evolving and career prospects are improving. He also discusses how Centennial College's two-year post-secondary program in biotechnology technician – industrial microbiology prepares students for entry-level jobs in the industry.

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