Benefits of an Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Program

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    Mar 24, 2014
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Benefits of an Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Program Photo by Jason White

The post-secondary program in advertising and marketing communications management is designed for students who wish to build careers in advertising, communications and brand management in the ever-changing marketplace. Advertising, communications and branding play an integral role in building the image of a business. These are strategic tools that, if used smartly, help businesses gain competitive advantage and build brand equity.

Identity is important for any business or product in today's marketplace when there are hundreds of alternatives available to the customers. And advertising and marketing professionals are responsible for creating this identity that has a lasting impression among consumers. They assume an important role in the organization and this is why, employers prefer to hire professionals who have formal education and training and possess relevant hands-on experience. After all, these professionals are going to handle their brand and reputation.

How Does an Advertising Communication Program Help in Building a Sustainable Career?

An advertising communication program helps students

  • Promote strategic thinking to generate new ideas
  • Develop their instincts and strategic abilities to meet the challenges that the ever changing business world posses
  • Experience day-to-day activities of the advertising world
  • Develop an ability to plan and develop campaigns on mobile platforms
  • Learn how to tell brand stories with persuasive advertising
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills

On the ground level, the marketing communications program helps them

  • Understand the entire advertising process
  • Develop ability to conduct research, develop strategies, plan campaign, and develop media plan
  • Gain insights in agency operations, such as account management, media management and copywriting

Apart from this, the program opens doors to diverse career options for graduates. They can pursue their careers in marketing, advertising, copywriting, production, direct marketing, account management, media buying and planning, digital marketing, production, branding, direct marketing, event marketing and promotions.

Program Content

The three-year post-secondary program runs through six semesters and covers a wide range of subjects including:

Advertising: Agency Advertising, Advertising Campaign Foundation, Advertising Research, Advertising Media Selection, Advertising Planning, Advertising Design and Production, Radio and Television Advertising, Advertising Business Writing, Advertising Campaign Management and Advertising Issues

Marketing: Foundations in Marketing, Consumer Psychology, Integrated Marketing, Copywriting, Campaign Planning, Interactive Media and Print Production, Strategic Planning and Digital and Social Media

Other Subjects: Tools and Processes for Communicators, Account Management, Imaging, Administration and Finance and Portfolio Design

In addition to this, the program also incorporates industry field placement in the last semester, allowing students put their learning into practice and gain practical experience.

Studying Marketing Communications and Advertising Program Toronto

A number of colleges offer post-secondary marketing communications and advertising programs Toronto. Unfortunately, not all are accredited. Centennial College's three-year advertising and marketing communications management program is recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau for offering the most breadth of digital curriculum. Moreover, it is the only GTA College that offers a four-month internship to students of this program.

Interested students can submit an application form along with a copy of their secondary school diploma certificate and scores in English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent.

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The author of the article, Jason White discusses the benefits of an intensive advertising and marketing communications program. He also suggests that the Centennial College offers a recognized advertising program Toronto and incorporates a four-month internship.

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