How to Attract Hot Women at the Library

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    Jan 22, 2013
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When you are a hot blooded male on the lookout for a receptive female, you soon discover that the world is full of excellent pulling opportunities if you play your cards right. Standing in the queue at Starbucks, waiting for the bus or sitting on the tube: there are women everywhere and all you have to do to catch their attention is start a conversation with them.

Silence Is Golden and Other Flirting Opportunities

So how do you play the game if you have a penchant for cute, intelligent women who frequent the local library? Conversation is not an option because the individual behind the desk will probably rip your head off the moment you start chatting, therefore you need to find a different way to attract your subject’s attention.

Women Like Intelligent Men

Intelligent women usually want a man who is their intellectual equal. Thankfully this doesn’t mean that you need to be a card carrying member of Mensa, although it is a good idea to ensure that the object of your attention doesn’t catch you ogling over the latest issue of ‘Nuts’ in the magazine section. However, creating the right impression is an absolute necessity, so you need to be seen wearing a stylish pair of men’s reading glasses.

Sexy Men’s Reading Glasses

When a woman spots a bloke wearing sexy men’s designer reading glasses, her brain automatically makes the assumption that the man in question is intelligent, sensitive, and a great catch. Even if you aren’t drop dead gorgeous, wearing a pair of attractive reading glasses will considerably increase your sex appeal to an intelligent woman; as long as you don’t ruin your good work by accessorising the glasses with a velour tracksuit, plastic sandals and a Burberry baseball cap worn back to front, you should be almost at first base without even trying.

What Types of Women Are Receptive to Men in Glasses?

• Intelligent women – as discussed already, intelligent women prefer men on the same IQ level
• Sensitive women – be a ‘new man’ and she’ll be putty in your hand
• Mature women – cougar town here we come
• Alpha females – prepare to be dominated

What Types of Women Are Not Worth My Time?

• Mums with young children – they are likely to be too sleep deprived to care about men period
• Young women – unless you flash your cash, forget it
• Grannies – do I really need to explain this one?
• Married women – depends on your sense of morality, but if her husband/boyfriend is in the same library, take note of where the exits are located

The Last Word

No matter how forgetful you are, do not attach a Larry Grayson-style chain to your men’s reading glasses, and don’t forget to take them out of your reading glasses case either!

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