Embroidered Sarees The magic of Elegant Embroidery Designs

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    Aug 08, 2013
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Embroidered Sarees The magic of Elegant Embroidery Designs Photo by Laxmipati Sarees

Sarees are the most favourite and adorable attire of every woman or girl. Sarees can be classified depending on its wearing style, fabric, design, work etc. One of the most elegant and popular type is Embroidered sarees.

Embroidered sarees is an art of incorporating various threaded designs. A plain Saree of cotton, silk or any other fabric is used to do embroidery. Depending on its production process, you can find various types of embroidery which is done manually i.e. hand work embroidery or by machine needles i.e machine embroidery. Once, Embroidery was a bit difficult to produce when it is done manually but due to advancement in technologies any novice can try and stitch beautiful pattern with little creativity. In olden days, only threads were used in embroidery designs but in present day due to advancement of technology & superior stitching methods, colourful threads are accompanied along with kundan, zari, pipes, pearls & more.

There are two types of embroidered sarees worth mentioning:

• Free embroidery- the application of the designing does not disturb the knitting of the base fabric. It is popular in some parts of South East Asia
• Counted thread embroidery - the number of threads in the fabric is calculated and only then is the stitching done

For embroidered sarees the soul of a Saree lies in its embroidery. It has been trending in India since ages and its existence has been recorded since ancient Egypt. Embroidery is considered as a symbol of prosperity and decency. Pure embroidered sarees are the decorated using mirrors, stones, zari and other materials which make the embroidery look heavy. Most Bollywood actresses also prefer heavy embroidered party wear sarees.

Embroidery is so loved that if you look around there are many objects on which embroidery patterns are found such as kuris, cushions, handbags, mobile pouches etc.  Recorded historical sculptures, paintings, architecture have shown people wearing embroidered sarees.

Indian embroidery sarees in India have come a long way from being the only respectable garb of a woman to actually innovate its wearing style, its fabric, even the whole look of it. The designer embroidery Saree in India has gone from strength to strength when we actually see it being worn across all ages and in various styles. The saree has taken the fashion industry by storm and it promises to grow bigger with the influx of various designers who have actually presented the saree in a new avatar that is so very refreshing according to some. Embroidery designs are the heritage gift received from Mughals. Embroidered sarees are the comfortable and easy to wear, light in weight. Embroidered sarees are perfect for working ladies like doctors, teachers etc.

Indian embroidery sarees are in huge demand due to artistic embroidery art, thanks to embroidery artists that because of them India have now gained prominence in producing simple embroidery sarees to heavy work embroidered party wear sarees. It has been found that Embroidery designs are highlighted as latest trend during 2013. So next time you are on buying any saree go for embroidery sarees. There are number of brands available in the market for embroidered sarees but the concern lies with the quality and finishing of the embroidery. With the internet technology moving so fast, it is very easy to find you favourite embroidered sarees online rather than moving into number of saree shops. 

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