A Brief Overview of Polyester

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    Jul 15, 2013
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A Brief Overview of Polyester Photo by Nisha Joshi

Polyester - it is a chemical term. It can be broken into poly means many and ester that is a basic comical compound. It is a category of polymers. It has ester personal group in its main category. Polyesters include natural chemicals, i.e synthetics and also the cutin of plant cuticles through step-growth polymerization such as polybutyrate and polycarbonate. Few synthetic and some natural polyester are biodegradable. But all-most synthetic polyesters are not biodegradable.

Polyester can be a thermoset or thermoplastic depending on its chemical structure. There are also polyester resins. The most common polyester is thermoplastic.

The general terms in which polyester is synthesized are polymerization, spinning and drawing.

Polyester may change the shape after heat. Polyester fibers have high tenacity and low water absorption.

Different types of polyester are PET and PCDT. There is a wide range of polyester yarn. Basically there are three types of polyester yarns such as spun polyester yarn, textured yarn and filament yarn.

In the making process of spun filament, the long filament are cut into small pieces and then combined together and then spun to make a yarn. In filament yarns, a long filament is taken and grouped together and then twisting them to make a strong filament yarn. Textured yarn has just the long polyester that is not twisted.

Polyester thread and yarns, fabric woven, are used in apparel and home furnishing. Polyester yarns and fibers are mainly used in textile industry mainly for knitting and weaving. These are used for making pants, shirts, hats, jackets, bed sheets, pillow cover, and blankets, upholster furniture and computer mouse mats. Industrial Polyester yarns, fibers and ropes are used in different application such as a fabric for a conveyer belt, tyre reinforcement, coated fabrics, safety belts and plastic reinforcement with high energy absorption.

Polyester fibers are used in insulating and cushioning material in comforter, pillows, and upholstery padding. They are also used in making bottle, canoes, films, filters, hologram, tarpaulin and insulating taps. Polyester is also used in finishing of high quality wood.

Polyester fabrics can provide advantages over natural fabrics. They are durable, wrinkle resistance, and also high colour retention. Sometimes polyester fibers are spun with natural fibers and produce clothes with blended properties. Synthetic fibers are enabling to create cloths which are superior with wind, water and environment resistance as compared with natural fibers.

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