Save The Girl Child

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    Sep 28, 2013
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Stop female foeticide: She has the right to come
Stop female foeticide: She has the right to come
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Through the ages women have carved the identity of their own, she is no less than a male child. If we go on describing her there will be no words left. Though women have equal rights as men do, she has witnessed a lot of injustice/suffering. Suffering is witnessed in several ways .This article throws light upon one of the major issues to be considered “FemaleFoeticide”, where in the girl child is denied the right to be born & destroyed before coming into the world.

This brutal act naturally raises the question why? Does this mean that the girl child is cursed? After all men come into this world from the womb of women, then why this grievous act in case of girl child? Why does a male child gain more importance than a female child in this so called world of equality? It's time we wake up and look out for the reason for this heinous crime of female foeticide, else there will be times, when we have to face such days when female race will be endangered!

Even now we find people who force mothers to keep giving birth till she delivers a baby boy. There are various reasons for this like dowry, girl’s safety & also she will have to go to in-laws home once married, why to invest on her?  Well if it’s the male child, they feel proud & think he is the source of income who stays with them & looks after them .Just because of these reasons is it right on our part to kill a life who hasn’t even stepped into this world?

The solution to this illegal activity is to make people aware of the after effect of it. The law on the ban of prenatal sex determination was passed in 1994 but came into force in 1996.But still it is estimated that more than 10 million fetuses have been illegally aborted in India. Now the question is does this law enforce justice? Or is it that doctors are money hungry?

There are cases being reported where doctors reveal the sex of the child as female, even though in reality the sex of the child is male. Female feticide, one of the tragic consequences takes place illegally, unnoticeably. But friends do we even realize the after effect of this social evil? The drop in the sex ratio is already being witnessed. This is the matter of concern & also leads to illegal activity like female trafficking. Though the laws are being passed & prenatal diagnostic tests are prohibited, this crime cannot be just stopped by mere legislation. Practitioners who encourage this activity must be severely punished.

It’s the duty of the every individual belonging to this society to know the importance of the consequence of this outrageous crime & work towards it.

“WOMEN CRADLE THE MEN “….. SAVE THE GIRL CHILD for better tomorrow. World is incomplete without her.


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