Audi A1 e-tron dual mode hybrid

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    Oct 24, 2012
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Audi A1 E-Tron Dual Mode Hybrid

Audi has unveiled to the world its second A1 e-tron concept which combines the best technology in range-extending principle and conventional plug in hybrids. This concept was first revealed in 2010 and its prototypes have so far done 31,000 miles in the Munich area. It features a small battery pack which has a 30-mile range while the front wheels are driven by a 75kW electric motor. It was backed up by a tiny 254cc rotary engine placed under the boot floor which generated 15kW and added 120 miles to the range.

This second A1 e-tron concept combines the best of range extending measures as well as exhibiting the qualities of a conventional plug in hybrid. We can say it has amalgamated a Chevy Volt style range with Prius type plug in hybrids in one car. This new concept has been described as a ‘dual-mode’ hybrid by Audi. The transmission used in this A1 uses a brand new 1.5 litre, 3 cylinder engine which churns out 128bhp and 147lb ft. This engine combines with a 67bhp/155lb ft electric motor which starts the car but if need may arise it can assist the petrol engine.

There is a second electric motor too located on the opposite side of transmission from the petrol engine. It produces 115bhp and 184lb ft of torque. This motor helps the front wheels to drive. The engine and main electric motor can be engaged and disengaged with a simple clutch. A1 is driven by the main electric motor in urban mode and goes up to speed of 34mph. It gives an impressive 56miles range on the battery. However If the battery pack is running low then the electricity from the engine/generator is used to drive the motor. A very impressive thing in the A1 is that it can go up to 81mph in pure electric mode. Above that the petrol engine does all the work.

The drive on this A1 concept is surprisingly refined. The e-tron pulls away in silence on battery power and gives an instant torque. Official figures give this e-tron 174bhp and 0-62 time of less than 9sec but in reality it feels quicker than that. Although A1 e-tron is still at development stages yet it feels superior to both the Prius and Chevy Volt. The most impressive feature is; simple engine and electric motor layout accompanied by a single-speed transmission. This also means that it could be less expensive than today’s hybrids. This economical system is expected to be a part of all family polo cars from 2015.

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