Fiji-A Must Visit Destination For All!

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    Nov 01, 2012
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Blessed with heavenly wonders, Fiji is a paradise for everyone and is famously known as the Fiji Islands owing to its being formed out of 332 islands. This wonderland has emerged out of volcanic mountains as well as warm tropical waters. This magical land of wonders has been pulling thousands of tourists from different corners of the globe for several years now. Fully blessed with natural and scenic wonders comprising ever-varied coral reefs and many other attractions, Fiji took no time in shaping up as one of the most mouthwatering travel destinations in the world.

It is not simply the presence of scenic attractions that made the country attractive but it is the people who out of their rich cultural history and down-to-earth attitudes have captured the hearts of tourists visiting. If one talks about Fiji tourism, one can never ever forget to mention the name of Louis Gerard Saliot who has been firmly instrumental in shaping up tourism in the country. He actually played a crucial role in bringing in the hotel industry which is an inseparable part of tourism industry. People have changed their attitudes with coming of tourism and they must be very thankful to him. There are numerous people who have found a new beginning, getting employment opportunities in various hotels, restaurants and resorts.

There are certain important factors that hugely contributed towards making Fiji a significant world class tourist destination. The salient tourist features of Fiji comprise beautiful things such as fire-cleared hills, tropical rainforests, fine beaches and coconut plantations as well. In this destination one can roam freely anywhere; unlike many other destinations it is free from evils such as malaria, terrorism and landmines..

To fully explore the tourist flavor, there are certain sightseeing attractions that are hard to ignore. Those tourist attractions comprise the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Fiji Museum and numerous parks and sanctuaries of wildlife. Apart from that you can easily get engaged in mouthwatering recreational activities such as whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, and can even visit the wonderful Fiji championship golf course and country club. If you are all done enjoying those recreational activities you can again jump into exploring beautiful markets.

Based on your preference you can purchase things such as clothes, handicrafts, souvenirs etc. If you are also a foodie you will definitely find Fiji one of the best palces in the world to have dinner or a meal with delicacies. For international tourists from around the world, there are numerous hotels and restaurants that are all comprised of specialized chefs serving local and international foods and cuisines. This destination is something that has everything for everybody. If it is a heaven for meat eaters, it is also a paradise for people cherishing vegetables.

If anyone is thinking about a trip to Fiji, you can find numerous tour packages offered by various travel companies that include foods and drinks, sightseeing attractions, travel costs and guides as well. People wishing to visit can easily check out destinations and attractions to put into their itineraries to have a wonderful fulfilling trip. 

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