How Will You Protect Your Guitar: The best way is to Buy Guitar Insurance!

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    Dec 04, 2013
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How Will You Protect Your Guitar: The best way is to Buy Guitar Insurance! Photo by Michael Jordan

As it is said “Better safe than sorry”, hence, one should always be prepared for the worst. You may be a teacher or a fire-fighter or a musician, but there is no way that you can avoid the accidents. Thus, it always advisable to get oneself insured!

There are number of insurance plans that are lately being introduced to the public. These policies range from the normal ones to the highly customized ones which are specially crafted to protect the interest of a particular group of people.

One such policy which is making a buzz these days is guitar insurance. Though for a layman, it may sound a bit weird to get the guitar insured. However, for a guitarist, it is a certainly a boon! Whether you play it as a hobby or for your livelihood, the loss or damage to your guitar can be really upsetting.

One needs to get a solid helping hand which in the long run can make it easy to get the instrument repaired or replaced easily and in no time.  Usually, people are not very keen to buy such insurance policies since; they believe that the guitar is protected under the general home owners insurance.

But, this is just a false impression – such items are often not included or covered under the general coverage. It may be by and large just to protect you against cases like theft, but for any accidental or intentional damage, there are no such provisions.
So, you may have trouble to get the financial assistance in order to get the damaged instrument replaced with a new one. As this instrument is expensive and to get a new one, you may require your entire savings and perhaps that would not be enough. In short, you will have to part away with a large chuck of your income and thus, making it difficult to start with music again.
However, with an insured guitar you will not have to worry about the huge expense of buying a new instrument in place of a stolen or broken one. It provides you the monetary assistance; you will not have to take out all your savings or reserved funds. In this way, at least, you will have something left to start afresh!

Other than this, with guitar insurance at your rescue, you can even find it easy to locate good dealers who can repair the damaged guitar. More than that, it will also be with you wherever you travel! A musician’s life is marked by constant travels and it becomes all the more difficult to deal with a broken or lost instrument.

Nowadays, with a number of insurance policies in the market, many of them even provide overseas assistance.  And so, the situation can be dealt with ease.  All in all, buying insurance for your guitar isn’t a bad idea at all!

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