Ten Keys that are essential for the successful sales call

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    Sep 15, 2012
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Many sellers are wrong on these points. Below the ten keys that will make your phone sale successful. Do not forget to take care of each of these points to achieve your goals.

  1. Investigates. More know of the person who you gonna call greater success you will have. Research the company to which you call the person with which you are going to talk about the products that they sell, over their competitors, on their customers.  Having this knowledge will allow you to understand how your product will fit with what your prospect does. Alternatively you can ask better questions.  In the worst case you will show you to the prospectus that you'd like to sell and that you did your homework before you call. That will give you more confidence and help you achieve your sale.
  1. Connect with your prospect. It is very effective break the ice to start a conversation. There are many ways to do so. If you know some hobby of the person, you can ask about it. If the person came out in an article or the company went in any news, you can discuss and ask something else.  If the company is in some city or area, you can say something of that town.  Anything that allows a few first words not related to business and which enable the prospect to talk about something you know.
  1. Keep clear your objectives. It is important to be clear on the purpose of the call and what you want to accomplish.  For example to present your company and your products and understand if any of your products can be useful for the prospectus.
  1. Inspires confidence. Your prospect will hear your words, you will see your personal expressions and will pay attention to the tone of your voice.  In all these respects you convey confidence that you know the product you are offering, and you think that your product will help your customer achieve their goals. If your call you trasmites confidence, enthusiasm and passion for what you sell, your prospects will be more receptive to your offerings.
  1. Respects the time. Be clear over time that will take the conversation and confirmed with your prospect that you can dedicate this time. Once this is done, it meets what offers. An example of what you can say is: "my explanation will take 10 minutes." "Do you give me these 10 minutes?"  If the prospectus says that you don't have that time, better to know in advance, and seek to convey the information in less time or re- schedule  the call for another time.
  1. Find out if you are speaking with the right person. It is important know the process of decision-making of the enterprise time and people involved in the process.  Must always ask something as “Beside you, someone should talk to present my information?"
  1. Offers solutions. In the final part of the conversation is essential to offer a solution to the customer from what he learned from the conversation. The successful seller adapting your product to what he heard from the prospect to emphasize the benefits that more sense can do for the prospect.
  1. Make a good closing. All must include the following question: What is the next step?  The prospect can tell that you have to talk with other people, if the question is: When you can call again? It is important that it is clear what the next step in the process.
  1. Make follow-up. Monitoring makes all the difference between success or failure.
  1.  Listen, listen and listen. A good salesman can listen. It is essential that seller listen most of the time and allow the prospect to develop your questions. You can learn much of the questions and answers of the prospectus to understand where it considered that there is value. 

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