Four Reasons Why Embroidering Logo on Apparel is Good for Business

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    Sep 10, 2014
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Four Reasons Why Embroidering Logo on Apparel is Good for Business Photo by Rishi Shah

You must have seen people wearing those T-shirts, shorts, baseball caps, or even socks branded with embroidered logos. As a consumer, you might glance at the logo but unconsciously, you have already read the logo and the business name. Somewhere in the back of your mind, the business name is already stored away in your short-term memory. How about doing the same for your business? Embroidering your logo on apparel either worn by staff on promotional give-away items can transform your business in several ways.

Here are 4 reasons why should considering embroidering your logo on apparel.

1. Branding

Custom logo embroidery on apparel helps in reinforcing your brand. For example, the Nike logo is synonymous with the brand; there is no need to mention the name Nike. The first step of course is to work with a good designer and create a logo that reflects the values of your company and brand. Next you have to enhance the visibility of the brand so that it enters the customers’ minds. Embroidering your logo on apparel worn by staff or on your napkins and tablecloths, which your customers will be constantly using is a great way to reinforce awareness about your brand.

2. Advertising

A custom logo embroidered on apparel and other give aways is like a walking, talking ad that continues to promote your business and your products to customers. The one time investment in creating the embroidered apparel continues to give you benefits for a long time.

3. Helps You Become Part of the Community

Embroidered custom logos are also a wonderful way to build a connection with a special event in the community. For example, you can add your logo and sponsor special events and charities in the community. Such events are usually well attended, thus giving you a massive opportunity to promote your business. Besides, the cap or jersey that the participants in the event wore becomes part of their wardrobe, promoting your business every time they wear it.  

4. A Professional Image

Having your staff wear uniforms with your logo embroidered gives professional look to your business. Besides, if your business involves staff going out of office for delivery, making house or office calls, it is again a promotional opportunity for you as several people see your logo and become aware of your business.

Thus having your logo embroidered on apparel can help your business in several ways.

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