How To Start Your Own Designer Merchandise Business

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    Jul 27, 2013
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How To Start Your Own Designer Merchandise Business Photo by Gregory Hilderbrand

If you've been thinking about starting your own business but just haven't yet decided what to do or how to do it, here is some valuable information for you to consider.

What Kind of Business Should You Choose?

Businesses come in two major flavors, sales and services. Unless you have the ability to provide a service, you will probably be looking for something to sell. Things to sell come in thousands of varieties, and this fact can make your choice of what to sell difficult. But consider this -- the United States economy, while slowly growing, is still not at full health. People are struggling to make ends meet.

Given this fact, it is a foregone conclusion that people are looking to pay the least amount they can for their purchases. But finding good quality merchandise at attractive prices can be almost impossible. This is where the 'secret list' comes into the picture.

What is the 'Secret List?'

The secret list is a directory of wholesale suppliers that deal in genuine, authentic designer merchandise. These are not rip-offs or fakes, they are the genuine articles, and these suppliers cannot be found just by doing an internet search.

As an example, Included on this list are suppliers of designer handbags, one of the hottest product lines going right now, and are offered from these suppliers at 50% to 75% off retail prices. Can you imagine the market you would have selling genuine Gucci, Armani or Christian Dior merchandise at the prices you could offer if you got them at even 50% off?

Does this list Only Include Designer Handbags?

Besides designer handbags, you can find suppliers of other merchandise as well, from clothing, shoes and accessories to perfume, watches, sunglasses, jewelry and much more. All of these products are genuine articles and not replicas.

How Can I Know This Offer Is Not a Scam?

I wondered that as well, so I did what everyone does in this situation, I did a Google search. I found out that this offer is protected by ClickBank, a major internet processor. I discovered a number of reviews, both on and off the ClickBank site that emphatically confirmed this offer is not a scam and that the list is legitimate. You can perform this search on your own and see this for yourself.

With this list of suppliers, you can build a line of designer products in no time, and be extremely successful. Studies show that women still buy clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories even in a down economy, but they definitely look for the bargains. Given a choice of a fake Gucci or a real one for the same price or lower, you decide what their choice would be.

Now It's Up To You.

Go to the website and check it out. Everything is spelled out for you in very minute detail. Do your research. Then get your secret list and get your business started. You have nothing to lose, and a successful business to gain. I submit to you that if you don't at least check this out, you might not be as serious as you thought about starting that business after all.

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