What You Ought To Know About Canless Air

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    Sep 25, 2013
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What You Ought To Know About Canless Air Photo by Allan Stewart

Are you still using traditional canned air? If so, then you are at risk. Why? Yes, even though canned air is effective to clean computers, the ingredients in it are hardly air. The canned air which you use is actually harmful, toxic and flammable. The gases in it are denser than the air itself and also have harmful side effects when inhaled. It causes paralysis, severe illness or even death.

Do you know some stores also ask for ID when you buy canned air? This is because the substances in the canned air can be dangerous. No need to be alarmed, however today you have solution for this. Switch to a canless air system, which is a much safer alternative to canned air. It cleans all the sensitive electronic equipment including computers, printers, shelves, mini-blinds and so forth. Here are some facts about this amazing alternative.

Canless air is much safer than canned air: Canless air systems have no inhalation or frostbite hazards, danger of explosion, flash fires, possibility of running out of air pressure in only a few short seconds, storage problems and health issues compared to the canned air counterpart. And the most amazing feature about canless air is its non-ozone depleting nature.

The O2 Hurricane Canless Air System comes with a warranty: Every O2 Hurricane Canless Air System includes a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year limited warranty.

Cost effective and environmental friendly: Canless air system utilizes power saving technology i.e. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries which provide long run usage times and saving your hard earned money on canned air. For instance, one full charge of the canless air system is equal to over 4 cans of canned air. This means, you’ll replace nearly 1,000 cans of air in its lifetime, saving thousands of dollars.

Canless Air systems are also known for their environmental friendly feature by reducing landfills whereas canned air disposed in landfills annually is equivalent to tens of thousands of vehicles.

The O2 Hurricane Canless Air System is perfect for everyone: This system is perfect for everyone that uses canned air occasionally or professionally. It is ideal for computers, keyboards, car dashboards, plants, vents, blowing off small patio areas, starting wood fires, cleaning furnace filters, book shelves, cleaning workshop tools and much more.

They are also designed for corporate and IT departmental use. Canless air is also best for extremely heavy cleaning applications. With this effective system, you don’t have to worry about the hazards of using liquefied gases in canned air. Then why wait? Avoid dangerous canned air and get a canless air system that utilizes the same the air we breathe.

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