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    Dec 28, 2012
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The Time Warner Cable was previously known as Warner Cable Communications. It operates across 28 states with 31 operating divisions. Time Warner started its cable operations in 2009 as a result of restructuring and this leap made TWC independent of Time Warner. TWC is dabbling with different industries including video on demand and high speed internet. The triple play bundle of Time Warner started in 2005 to incorporate phone service, internet service and cable television. This increased their subscriber base considerably to almost double. When you come to think of it, you really have no choice when it comes to choosing a cable television provider.

You may seek cable TV providers or satellite TV providers, and with HD coming in, there are more choices to consider. If you choose the Time Warner Cable deals, you can receive high speed internet so that all services can be tagged at a reasonable rate. This option has started affecting the profit margins of the telephone companies, but when you can purchase cable viewing, high speed internet and calling services as a package, you hardly need anything else. TWC offers this deal along with a number of sports game packages, HD channels, paid movie packages and free movies.

Ordinarily cable television gives you a few basic channels and 50 more. There are no paid or free movie channels unless you purchase Showtime, HBO or Cinemax. You do not need to pay for special events. These cable internet deals will give you a few basic channels. Switching to plain satellite TV might not be the best choice as although you have different movie and sport channels and the ability to purchase different packages, you run the risk of losing the signal if the weather is bad. This is serious, especially when you are watching your favorite TV show, movie or match.

TW cable gives you the perfect choice that viewers require. This is the choice which can give you all that you need. There are the best HD channels, free movie channels, other channels to take your pick from, sports packages to be purchased and more. Other than offering the best sports and movie channels, you can also get the internet connected through Time Warner Cable that saves your money. This is something that Direct Cable or Dish TV does not give you. It is a major advantage as the company has faster turnaround services.

Time Warner Cable is a popular choice among TV lovers due to the Time Warner Cable deals which incorporate the cable internet deals.


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Time Warner Cable is a popular choice among TV lovers due to the Time Warner Cable deals which incorporate the cable internet deals.

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