These Amazing Plugins Help You To Decorate Your Wordpress Website For This Christmas

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    Dec 12, 2013
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These Amazing Plugins Help You To Decorate Your Wordpress Website For This Christmas Photo by Srikar Nalanagula

Below are some plugins which are available for free to decorate your website for this Christmas. These plugins help you to customize your site for Christmas and get your users into spirit of Christmas. They are some of the highest rated plugins which you can find, so for those who want to jazz up their site for this Christmas they have come to the right place.

Christmas Countdown Widget

This plugin goes into sidebar of your website which displays a Santa and counts down to the Christmas day.

Christmas Lights

It’s a simple plugin. It adds glowing lights on to top of your website.

Improved let it Snow

This plugin adds a snow fall effect on to your webpage which makes your site look joyful.

My Christmas Calendar

This plugin displays calendars on Wordpress posts with a simple short code.

Countdown Clock

This plugin displays a countdown clock which counts to the Christmas day. Easy to use and comes with customization option.

Christmas Advent calendar plugin

This plugin lets you place Christmas calendars on your blog posts. Lots of designs available and it supports various languages.

Christmas Ball on Branch

This plugin adds a Christmas branch with a decorative bauble at the top of your website.

Snow Balloons and more

Snow falls in the background of your website. This plugin offers customization.

WP Snowfall

Snow fall appears on your website it’s an alternative to Improved let it Snow

Holiday Message

With this plugin you can display a pop up message at the bottom or top of your website. You can customize it according to the colour you wish. 

Snow Storm

Snow Storm appears on your website creating a very festival mood.

WP Scheduled Themes

Schedule a different theme to your website to appear on Christmas day or on any other special occasion.

Simply Snow

This plugin adds snowfall effect to your site. No configuration option available because it’s just perfect.

So all the above plugins are very resourceful and fun to use. I would recommend to install these plugins and bring your viewers in to Christmas mood. I may miss out few but these cover most of the customizations available on Wordpress.

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