Generator Servicing: Keeping Your Machines Running Around the Clock

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    Jun 28, 2014
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Generator Servicing: Keeping Your Machines Running Around the Clock Photo by Colin Armstrong

Diesel generator sets are essential in modern business. From providing continuous power when connection to mains electric is unavailable to offering a standby solution in the event of power loss, having a generator on site provides peace of mind that operations can be carried out continuously and smoothly, whatever the circumstances.

Generally speaking, generators are reliable machines capable of performing for continuous periods without any problems. However, like everything else in life, they must be properly looked after. If they are not regularly maintained, generators can encounter problems that significantly affect service life. Which is why, when choosing a model to meet your requirements, you should ensure servicing and maintenance support is available.

Generator Problems : When asked to perform over sustained periods without due care and attention, generators will eventually begin to suffer. Some of the common problems faced over time may include:

- Low coolant levels - generally caused by internal or external leakage and highlighted by a machines built in alarm indicator.
- Leaks - most commonly caused by damaged block heater hoses, over filling of a base tank or ‘wet stacking' - the accumulation of carbon particles, lube oil, condensed water, and unburned fuel in the exhaust system.
- High fuel levels - caused due to an overfilling of the fuel tank.
- Block heater damage - due to wear and tear of persistent start up.
- Fuel bleeding back into tank - typically a problem for newer generators that are not exercised regularly.
- Controls not in auto - caused by human error, typically due to the main control switch being left in the on/off position. This problem tends to occur after testing.

Regular Servicing : To ensure generators run smoothly and your business remains is unaffected by any problems that do occur, it's important to purchase or hire from a company that can offer servicing that covers every aspect of the machinery.

With businesses increasingly likely to require power 24/7, servicing should be available around the clock and delivered efficiently. A good service provider will include the following:

- 24/7 emergency response team
- On-site fault diagnostics and repair
- Load bank testing
- Fuel management
- Upgrades, relocations, and part-exchanges.

In-House Staff Training : If you are purchasing a diesel generator as a long-term power solution, it makes sense to have staff in house that are trained in all aspects of maintenance and repair - this will help extend service life of the machines and minimise downtime. is one of the few generator suppliers in the UK to offer on-site staff training and can tailor training workshops around the needs of your business and its employees. This level of training alongside the professional support offered by Dieselec will ensure power is always available when required.

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