The Fall of the Legend Killer

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    Jan 16, 2013
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“The Legend killer is down!” read the tabloids the following day of Randy Orton’s injury, on 9th December 2012, during the taping of WWE Tribute to the Troops. Even though much, if not everything, of what happens in wrestling oriented television shows is fabricated, Orton’s injury might just be the real deal. Everyday some epic catastrophe takes place in the ring to boost the TRP ratings of shows that caters to the violence loving nature of the audience. Same applies for the ironic reality series called the World Wrestling Entertainment.   

The name itself goes to show you that the main purpose of the show is to entertain its audience and entertain it does, without an iota of truth to the entire experience. It ropes in people of all age types and all genres from the hot blooded teenager to the nostalgic iron minded grandfather. It goes without saying that wrestling shows are a part of a booming industry- the reality television which is a modern day Circus, in most aspects. And just like in a circus, we have the ring master, the referee, the commentators, and the wrestlers dressed in flamboyant attires with ridiculous pseudonyms jumping to the tunes of the spectators. The only difference is unlike the animals, these guys are not paid in peanuts. No-siree-bob! They are paid handsomely in digits that can make your head swoon. After all it is the next best entertainment after movies.  

As a matter of fact, some of these wrestlers have stepped up their performances a notch into a full blown acting platform. Wrestling giants such as Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, Kevin Nash and the latest, Randy Orton have all a movie or two, to their credit. Acting must come naturally to these guys because they are recruited as the latest heroes in the action-thriller department.   

Being an actor doesn’t make them any less of a wrestler. Take Orton for example. Besides his stage gimmicks of confronting the supposed legends, he possess an amazing set of skills and moves. Recently, following his injury it was discovered that he has what is referred to as hypermobile shoulders- a condition that enables ultra-flexibility of his shoulders. The doctors have reasons to believe that this might have been what caused the dislocation. Randy Orton profile has seen its fair share of injuries as well as prestigious titles. After all what is a warrior without the battle scars?   

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