A Modern Sport - Tracking

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    Sep 04, 2012
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The sport of climbing mountains is called tracking. It is a modern sport. Men try to conquer very high mountains for various reasons.Men always want to do what no one has done before, or they want to go where no one has gone before. A difficult mountain is a challenge challenge to them.

Tracking tests man's physical and mental powers. At 20,000 feet sleep is broken, appetite is lost and brain becomes dull. This is because at that height air pressure is very low. There is very little oxygen. And yet some men have gone upto 20,000 feet without the help of the oxygen machine.

The conquest of the Everest by Hillary and Tensing in 1953 is the greatest success of mountaineering. It has proved that human body is most powerful. It has shown that human spirit can conquer anything. It has added to our scientific knowledge of the body, the mind and many other things.

This kind of sports should develop from the childhood. First of all parents should take interest to develop this type of activity for their child. At the age of childhood that is 6 to 8 child should have habit of playing, running, little bit jumping exercise. For this parents should send their child to hobby centre to take part and to exercise. At the age 8 to 12 at school level he or she must be habituated to take part in the school sports like running race, long lump, etc. At the age of 13 to 16 he or she should take part in tracking at school level. Education centre also ahould deside tracking at school level. At the age of 17 to 20 that is at college level also he or she should take part in tracking. 

By joining these types of tracking men can get confidence, spirit, strong mind, energy and sportsmanship. For these our state also should encourage by arranging tracking programs at small level and higher level.

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